East Australia again "sink"

East Australia again "sinks" Natural Disasters

In the eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria announced the threat of flooding. Hazards include floods in Gippsland, whose level rose to an impressive height of the last few decades. Victoria liable to flooding, as there are already night torrential rains brought to 200 mm in 24 hours. In the next day the staff waiting for about 50-60 mm.

Several dozen residents of low-lying parts of the city Traralgon were forced to leave their homes after diving areas around the city by the bay water. Reported damage to 45 homes and 100 other buildings. Many do not have time to react and when not able to evacuate on their own, as the main artery of the region's car was immediately flooded. Closed a number of other roads to the north of the Cannes. On some of them found landslides and failures of the roadway, caused by excess water. About 10 thousand people have problems with the power supply.

According to the synoptic situation of flood only worsen in the coming days, Coast, will continue to threaten high waves and squally wind. Local residents say that have not seen flooding of this magnitude and this rapid rise in water level in Gippsland. Flood threat is still in the safety and Bairnsdale Tinambe and many areas of New South Wales and Queensland is closer to the Pacific Ocean. According to unofficial data, the Queensland flood victims are killed by high waves.

The Australian Government has provided grants to the people affected in the amount of $ 480 for adults and $ 240 for children. Addressed with more than 830 people. In 2010, floods in Victoria was estimated at millions of dollars, in complete disrepair came 250 houses and hundreds of people have been exposed to the evacuation.

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