Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano rocked by explosions

March 4, 2013. Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano, whose name means "throat of fire", retained increased seismic activity. He "woke up" December 21, 2012. Scientists of Geophysics at the National Polytechnic School have recorded explosions, as well as frequent ash emissions, gas and water vapor from the crater of the volcano.

According to experts in the area Tungurahua, located 140 kilometers to the south of Ecuador's capital Quito, last week reported about 100 weak tremors lasting several minutes. Volcanologists have warned that the explosions in the crater and ash emissions continue in the coming days, and continue to monitor. They are very concerned, as harmful to the health of people, animals and plants ash fell in the surrounding communities. Information about the evacuation of local residents have been reported, according to ITAR-TASS.

Violent eruption Tungurahua occurred in August 2006. Then, killing six man, Thousands of people have been evacuated. Element has destroyed large areas of agricultural crops.

Tungurahua, height exceeding 5,000 meters, is one of fifty volcanoes located in the territory of the country. It is included in the list of the most active volcanoes in Ecuador.

Source: Lead

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