Egypt mummy that 9,000 years!




Usually associated with the concept of mummies of ancient Egypt, where mumifitsioranie widely used for high Egyptian nobility, as the process of mummification was very expensive. However, in the Atacama Desert in Chile, have been found mummies of ordinary people, which were taken out all the innards, including the brain and the bone marrow and heart sotavalos only. Soglaev unknown unknown ancient custom of the people, the people were not buried and mummified. This is very surprising and therefore esteemed necessary to send news.

However, there are still some unconfirmed (with words) that in the Sahara desert mummies were found in gold masks which age is estimated million (!) Years. If anyone has information on either of these discoveries — Write poshaluysta in DC or at scientific meetings.

The site can be found true only mention of the fact that the oldest mummies were found in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Battery News, 23.02.2004 18:07
Source: Russian Cover

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