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Continuing the theme of de-energizing cities

Eugene Yu.Sidorov

The end of 2003 was marked in Latvia interesting anomalous event that can help researchers to look at the nature of the "generation" UFO with several other positions.
December 6, 2003, the place of action — settlement Plakanciems Riga district, 20 km. in the south-east of the city of Riga. By the holiday village, which is inhabited and in the winter, is directly adjacent forest. In the early evening of the eighth of his house came Peter P., who decided to go to a neighbor on the master's works.
Next give the floor to Peter, "Before I move away from the house 10 meters, as my attention was attracted by a bright green glow coming from the woods. In the woods, translucent as in "X-rays", and visible against the background of tree trunks, began to form a vertical tapering to the top of a spiral vortex. I stopped, looking with surprise at this unusual phenomenon. After a moment, a whirlwind "gained momentum" and concentrated in a green bowl, measuring 1.5-2 meters, which slowly disappeared over the forest. The sound was not. Neighbor came out. When I asked him if he saw an unusual glow over the forest, he gave a negative answer, but said that only in the house for a few seconds, the light was gone.
I went back to my house. With the threshold met me extremely excited wife. It appeared at a time when she was peeling potatoes at the stove, suddenly surprised to see how the potatoes got a bright green color (color "brilliant green"), and almost immediately for a few seconds lost the lighting in the house (floor lamp went out). "
On the same evening at 19:10 in Boulder (20 km. Northwest of Riga) came out Andrew F. "Going for a walk with the dog, I gazed at the full moon and suddenly noticed that her background that something dark. At first thought it was a cloud, but then it became a dark spot to hang around with me, rapidly increasing in size. I even heard the buzz, but after a few seconds distinctly saw hovering above the ground, iridescent greenish light drive — the distance to it was 150 meters. Suddenly flashed a narrow beam of a searchlight that is quickly searched the neighborhood and lingered for a moment on me. Then the lights went out and the machine was gone as quickly as it had appeared. I am a former military pilot, and I can say that no such aircraft has not yet seen. "
At 19:40 the same evening to the dispatcher on duty Latvenergo district office "Kekava" Leon O. received a call (there is an entry in the log calls), in which the call was reported that areas Babite and Pinki lost electricity, and that what is observed in the sky a spherical greenish glow.
What is interesting given case? The first is that the witness is actually able to observe the process of formation of a UFO that you will agree with me, do not often possible to observe the witnesses of this remarkable phenomenon. And second, flying UFO was accompanied by a short-term or long-term power outage. It is these two things and focus the attention of readers.
So, in a matter of seconds vortex formed in the classical spherical UFO is green, indicating that, at least, the nature of the electromagnetic radiation of the object. Further, the UFO started independent life apart from the "place of birth" and move in a northwesterly direction. The same object in 5-10 minutes later observes Andrew F., 20 km from the place of its generation. This allows us to evaluate the speed of the UFO in the amount of at least 120 km / h. On the path of the UFO disables the district of a power station, which is responsible for the supply of settlements and Pinki Babite.
Investigations by the Task Force Rapid Response "UFOlats" confirmed the power outage, moreover, failed to clarify how the shutdown and subsequent inclusion in the electricity transmission line (PTL). I think it would be interesting to know the readers AG "SI" and researchers of anomalous phenomena (AH).
Operation of the automatic protection system (APP) in this case occurred at current consumption Ip> 700 A (boundary may be different depending on the wattage of the energouchastka), which is 2-2.5 times higher than the nominal value. After tripping, after 1-2 seconds was made the first ("Electrical") attempt to automatically connect to the load line. It should be noted that if a short circuit (sc) in the line and then saved, including mechanical actuator that is always active ("spring charged"). It is a delay of 15-20 seconds makes a return (now "electromechanical") attempt to connect the load. It was the last attempt to connect the power supply without the person in line. Note that if and when these attempts current consumption exceeds the limit (ie, Ip> 700 A), the linear called emergency team of electricians. Which goes to the line to contain and eliminate the damage on the line (the search space KZ or open), and to bring the system of automatic protection to the original (initial) position.
In our case, the electricity supply was restored at 20:26 (make a corresponding entry in the register of accidents), with no damage to the line has not been fixed! Ie, the total de-energizing the line lasted 46 minutes. But that does not mean that all this time the line was maintained in the state of KZ But the fact that an emergency situation was not less than 25 seconds (5 +20), it is a fact, because both attempts to automatically connect electricity were futile (ie, confirmed the conservation of short-circuited in the line!).
As for the time of the actual state of KZ a transmission line, the protection circuit, as noted above, activated for 1-2 seconds from the time of an emergency. And it allows you to make an estimate of the maximum energy consumed UFO with power lines.
What could lead to such an increase in power consumption? Of course, one can assume the usual causes of failure in the form of lines and their subsequent shorting between themselves or unauthorized connection powerful household electrical consumers, etc. But in our case, in the area of power transmission lines definitely present anomalous objects, which we can not ignore. Moreover, one can reasonably assume that it is the object and provoked violation in power.
Many of the witnesses of UFO flight celebrate the ionization of air, ie observed effects are similar to static electricity. By a similar conclusion tempting and the solenoid, "plasma" nature of the object, as well as the well-known cases of failure of equipment in the presence of UFOs, etc.
Theoretically, it can be assumed appearance (due to UFO) of the three channels of the parasitic leakage current transmission line is:
— between UFOs and the two-wire transmission line
— by the transmission line between the wires,
— transmission line between the wires and the ground.
In reality, most of all, we have to deal with the general case, when the parasitic current channels at the same time as there are between the wires (weak analogue — the corona discharge) between the wires and the UFO (UFO closes over power lines) as well as between the wires and the ground (weak analog-to-ground fault). As a result of the formation of such parasitic current channels is greatly disturbed (increases) in power transmission lines and can work protection system.
We can estimate the value of "unauthorized" energy * UFO consumed with power lines in 2 seconds Short circuit current (the maximum time saving short-circuited power line). It will be the value of:

E = Q <P * t ~ 77 kW 2c = 154 kJ

* Optional consumed energy equivalent to the power line to the Joule heat, which goes to the local heating of the line sections, with which there is a fence of energy.

With such a short time consumed energy, we can expect the presence of traces of local heating (up to burnout) transmission line. Pay attention to these paranormal researchers especially in the interaction of UFOs and power lines. It would be very interesting to learn about these trails and nature of the damage to power lines when a UFO, which provokes a power outage.
And then, as we see, the UFO was generated from the electromagnetic vortex released from the earth …! This fact suggests that a mechanism is possible generation of a UFO in the Earth's mantle! It is known that the Earth's crust is constantly formed of charge heterogeneity, which in turn can give rise to so-called telluric currents (analog — atmospheric currents)! And if there is current, there is a magnetic field. Bandwidth, stability, distribution of the earth's crust these areas the charge is determined by geological activity space, the type and depth of the underlying rock, wet places, time of year and other geophysical factors. Interesting, but in our case, the observed phenomenon is in the area of so-called Baltic fault, otherwise known as the "zone Breggera-Polkanova." Tectonically active region passes through the White Sea, Onega and Ladoga Lake, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn — and on to Riga.
Emerges a new version of the formation of UFOs, namely, that under certain geophysical conditions may occur volley reset the accumulated charge heterogeneity, something like a dielectric breakdown, but in the Earth's mantle! Precipitating factor in this phenomenon may be running a tidal wave in the Earth's mantle, solar activity, local disturbances in the ionosphere of the Earth, even the local rain and that can cause local electrical breakdown in the Earth's mantle, etc.
The closest analogue to this phenomenon — atmospheric lightning, too, there is a discharge between the charge areas as a result of what we have, in fact, seeing the lightning! And in this case, too, there are a number of geophysical factors that can trigger a lightning strike at a particular place on Earth, at times accompanied by the formation of "ball lightning."
In other words, in this case, apparently, we are dealing with an underground LIGHTNING — a powerful local discharge of static electricity in the earth's crust, followed by a brief electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere and the formation of electromagnetic energy production such as UFO! Fireballs and UFOs are one phenomenon, but are generated by electro-processes in different environments (in the atmosphere or in the Earth's mantle, respectively) different power!
Our research in the anomalous zone "R" in Latvia (which, incidentally, is also on the way of the Baltic fault) also support this hypothesis. There is relatively stable can register slaboenergeticheskie "plasmoids" (solitons) of the electromagnetic nature, seems to be emerging from the earth and radiated outside the optical range of EM waves!
Note, the fact that the generation of luminous energy production such as ball lightning and UFOs for a long time and is also associated with earthquakes.
Several illyustartsy:
1. In 1911, an earthquake in Germany in the cloudless sky there were balls of fire.
2. In 1923 (earthquake in Tokyo) flowed out of the ground, "fire-mist".
3. In 1940, a strange glow of the sky during the 9-magnitude earthquake in the Carpathian Mountains
4. In 1960, during the earthquake in Chile, near the epicenter of mountain peaks covered in flames.
Series can continue. But the view of the famous American geophysicist E. Roberts, taken from his book "When the earth shakes": "When earthquakes often report strange glow like bright flashes, then on the pillars of light, and sometimes flashes or glowing balls, soft lighting, and even faint reddish glow on the clouds or the earth. " In this particular opinion see an indication of at least two well-known anomalous phenomena — UFOs and the so-called "Purple haze"!
Of course, the maximum interest are the objects themselves — ball lightning and UFOs, their nature. But without understanding the mechanism and conditions of their formation, we will never understand, and the nature of these objects. And from our example shows that even such exotic objects like ball lightning and UFOs can be found quite natural explanations.
I hope that this article will help researchers better understand paranormal all the possible mechanisms of phenomenological Similar phenomena, among which, in addition to natural phenomena may well turn out to be "objects of related areas of reality," but talk about this in a future article.

Riga, 14.02.2004

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