End of the world began with the Vyatka


alternathistory.org.ua town in the Kirov region gone mad: Hundreds of people are stocking up matches, salt, candles and kerosene, preparing to meet the end of the world on December 21. Caused panic-reprint article in the local newspaper about the prophecy of Tibetan monks. Journalists now preparing a new, soothing and explaining stuff, but the panic continues.

It all started on November 14, when the local private and most Draw in the newspaper "Omutninsk conduct" on the latest entertainment strip that goes under the rubric of "Relax", immediately after the joke and instead of the usual crossword reprinted article from fontanka.ru "Tibetan monk made a statement to NASA end of the world. "

End of the world, by prophecy, the monk must come December 21. "This darkness is accompanied by flashes of space, illusory flashes of light and will last for about three to four days. Then the light of the sun appears again — the article says. — … Can be lost 10% of the population. "

The monk advised people to stock food for two months, to complete all cases pay the debt, take the kids and documents and get out of town. "In the days of darkness, the dark curtain off the window, look at them, do not believe your eyes and ears, not to go out, it is best to meditate, pray, and strengthen yourself, go to bed."

As amended by the claim that the article appeared accidental. "Just had a hole on the strip, and right before you send the film to the printer, we have placed this article — just joined — explains the main reactor of the newspaper" Omutninsk conduct "Victoria Ushakov. — We thought it would be perceived as yet another anecdote and just laugh. We honestly did not expect such a reaction. "

But many citizens were not laughing. The city started to panic: two days in many stores ran out candles and matches, a special demand, salt, sugar and canned goods, as well as kerosene and oil lamps. As acknowledged by vendors hardware stores, candles, salt and matches are buying not only retirees but also young people. "Who says what, Who says you have to heat the stove in the country, and who recognizes that awaits the end of the world." I met a woman in the supermarket with bags of salt and a few packages of boxes of matches refused to admit that the Tibetan monk believed, and when asked why they needed so many matches, two enigmatic smile, and one explained that her grandson in the garden were asked to make crafts out of matches.

It is said that a woman from the village of Shahrovka two thousand sold the chain, previously she also bought a 6000 to buy canned food. And one of the employees of the newspaper "Omutninsk conduct" admitted that she had instructed children: how they should be in the case of blackout on December 21 to wait for each other out of school at a certain place and the handle to touch their way home.

"I believe that you can not write a beliberden — outraged chairman of urban society Tatiana Kirpikova disabled. — My family just poulybalis. And there are people — pensioners little old, the disabled — who do not smile, and very worried. To the light collected. One woman called in tears, crying into the phone: "If there is an end of the world — let it be, but why so alert? I'm paying for three days. " I said to her: "Calm down, it's an article from the internet, maybe a wrong translation or just a joke", but it does not let up.

Omutninsk — depressive city dilapidated housing, emergency school, poor environment. On urban development enterprise — Omutninsk steel plant — running two and a half thousand people. The next major employer is FPS — in Omutninsk area four zones: a female, common-mode and two strict. By the way, according to his staff colonies, convicts also dismantled all the candles from the local church.

End of the world on many streets in Omutninsk comes every evening when the sun: there is no light, and people making their way home in the dark on ice.

"Earlier there was a children's sports school, it brought the Olympic champion. That's the end of the world! — Displays on local emergency boarded building. — Which end of the world? And so we live in the ass. "

The last time the city became famous in the history of the Internet with the truckers: the local petty thugs tried to rob a line truck driver, he called on the radio for backup and extortionists ogrebli seriously. Chief extortionist was a resident Omutninsk Lech punks.

The main and the only Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity, the newly renovated and painted, on the evening service is eight people, including svechnitsu. According to Deacon Dionysius, after rumors about the end of the world and more people go to church no more. "I can not strongly scientist, but I will say that I know about the end of the world — says Father Dionysius. — In the words of the Savior, or the hour, the day or the year, no one knows — only Savior. It will be a time, but only God knows when. Why think about the end of the world? Think of the Second Coming. If so think about the end of the world, think about the meeting with the Savior — think about your sins. But somehow I do not see many people in the church of those who read it. All matches are buying, but no one thinks that he should repent, do not think much about the soul. "

Local entrepreneurs are sounding the alarm: they are afraid of incurring losses due to the fact that people buy kerosene, instead of buying gifts for the New Year. "Kerosene, we always carried in a small fasovochkah of 0.5 liters, and is now asking for 10 liters. Kerosene lamps poskupali — says Evgeny Popov, deputy director of retail firms "All for you." — The children come home from school — roared: "Mom, I do not want to die!" People perceived stupidity. I tell them, "Guys! You filter, read. Well, why do you need 20-50 candles? Well, do not be a doomsday December 21 — you'll do something with this? "People should prepare for the New Year, but they do not take kids toy, and take kerosene. We believe in the depths of the newspaper at 100%. There was no need to reprint this article. Who cares — would read on the Internet, people who go to the Internet, are able to filter the information. "

"In Kirov anything like that out there laugh at us — outraged merchandise Natalia. — Perm was the other day — there is silence. All ready for the new year, and only in our Omutninsk — by the end of the world. We fear that we will have losses — something we were brought to the New Year decorations on the Christmas tree and gifts, and all the money they spend on matches, candles, pasta and salt. And will, perhaps, to celebrate the New Year with the pasta and salt instead of the holiday table? She says that her 12-year-old son, "very sensitive boy," after they have at school discussed this topic for a long time thinking about the end of the world, eliciting, "in his heart, he really took it."

"Probably not, the newspaper wrote a rebuttal. Something must be done, and then the city will go crazy, "- says Natalia. And then suddenly added: "As soon as a new batch of candles come, we too will purchase."

— Why?
— I consider myself a reasonable person, but I also buy.
— Why?
— I can not answer you this question. This is something psychological.

The Mayor of Sergey Balandin, who I asked on the phone, he is going to fight panic, blamed the media: "Not only in the city say times have we watch Central TV — everything is there." Then said that he was on vacation, and hung up.

"What's to refute that? What will not be the end of the world? — Laughs director "Omutninsk news" Igor Khodyrev. — And what will it be? How then shall we look?

But seriously, we are, for example, wrote about the family in the summer, win in court, the plant flat. They were able to prove that living in emergency house in the immediate vicinity of the steel plant, they are exposed to toxic substances benzopyrene, the concentration is in the air in their homes exceeded 10 times. After our paper factory bosses were scared that everything will sue and win, because so many people live in the same conditions. We are also waiting for complaints from people — but no one at the court on your own! None have moved! Easier for them to live and emergency huts with children breathe carcinogens and dying of cancer, but to buy the candles at the end of the world. "

Interestingly, in the surrounding villages, which regularly deliver "Omutninsk conduct" and where all the newspapers are read from cover to cover, there is no panic. The shops there are matches, and candles, and the villagers are surprised his young urban families who are stocking up for the days of darkness.

"Well, this will be the end of the world — says pensioner Faina F., a former livestock breeder from the village of tan. — So what? What am I, in the darkness of their cattle can not find? And I do so with my eyes closed and I find his cow and the horse. " And her smiling villagers say that the doomsday in their village, where four years ago closed the school a year ago — a medical assistant point, and now threaten to close the mail, where the bread brought in once a week on Fridays, and at the same time Friday arrives at Paramedic half already and recently arrived.


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