Environmental disaster in Korobcheevo


20.06.12.V Friday, June 15, the flow of the slurry from the farm Korobcheevskoy flooded the estates of some residents of the street Forest. Manure was so much that motorists could drive down the street and had to move to a detour through the federal road "Ural".

Beds with potatoes and vegetables have disappeared under a layer of feces and garbage. Pond with clean water and dilute it with fish at the site of one of the residents in minutes turned into a swamp, from which the fetid smell. In wells and artesian water wells became brownish in color and was quite unfit for drinking. Manure got into the river and Zhilemu, which flows into the Oka River.

The details of this extraordinary incident — in the next issues of our newspaper.

Source: The newspaper "Kolomna truth"

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