Environmental disaster in Nigeria. Video


04.08.12.Pravozaschitnaya organization Amnesty International called a complete failure internal investigation by the oil company Shell, in respect of a major oil spill in Nigeria. The authorities have previously ordered Shell to pay a fine of $ 5 billion for the damage caused to the environment.

Oil spills have occurred in the Niger Delta since 2008, but the largest occurred six months ago and caused a real ecological disaster.

"From 2010 to this day nothing has been done to improve the situation," — said one of the locals. For them, the river — a way to survive, but today it has become a source of distress.

"We are waiting for the decision of the London court, and if it will not be so, for which we hope, well … Let's think how else to live, what to do, and the government does not help, because they (the authorities) share gains oil company, and before us and do not care, "- said the other Nigerian.

Representatives of Shell, in turn, called the cause of the accident export pipeline Bodo Creek in the south diversion — pipeline vandalism by locals.

Residents of several villages in Nigeria filed a lawsuit in London's High Court, demanding compensation from Royal Dutch Shell. According to rough estimates, only as a result of the accident in December at Bonga oil field in the ocean could hit up to 40,000 barrels of crude oil.

Source: Euronews

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