Environmental disaster in Ramenskoye



31.05.12.Pyat settlements Ramenskoye district were in the zone of ecological collapse.

Not far from the airport "Domodedovo" in the river Zhdanko got a lot of chemicals. The concentration of the poison in the water exceeded in 1000.

Dies not only fish, but also pets. This area is home to over 6000 people. Local people believe that it is the proximity of the airport led to the crash. They believe that in the river regularly merge toxic substances. How else to explain the fact that the village Selvachevo even well water has a taste of jet fuel?

At the scene were caused by chemical experts, which, after analysis of water and soil, they confirmed an excess of toxic substances. Already, experts are ready to consider the situation on the river Zhdanko environmental catastrophe. At the moment, a commission, consisting of representatives of local authorities and the airport "Domodedovo", police and experts. In the near future must be prepared to test results that show what kind of liquid caused the death of fish in the river — Deicing, jet fuel or something.

Source: NovostiMO

Video report published earlier:
13.05.12.Gibel Zhdanok fish in the river. Video

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