Everyday disappearance

A friend who works in the criminal investigation department, told us about the facts that are fairly easy to check by looking at some statistics or look through the open case materials.

To make your company any employee disappeared demon track — set professional video surveillance. For example, you may need low-power video surveillance system design, installation, service and maintenance of which are produced in the company pmkradiant.ru.

His work was to search for the missing men, "poteryashek" in the local slang. And the work on his confidence, much worse than in the patrol ESAP. That's right, today, in time of peace, he said in Russian is written in the year, more than two hundred thousand applications for the missing. Besides, that are annually about one hundred thousand living and the dead sometimes. There is a natural question, what happens to more than one hundred thousand people a year?

In the main group of missing fall are: gone for no apparent reason, went hunting, did not return, left the house and went to drink, lost orphan and others. Well, about the mafia, I hope everything is clear. Others: drinking to forget, lost, etc.

But the strange thing is that disappear for no apparent reason — the main group disappear. Some of these disappearances have seasoned "sledakom 'hair stand on end.

Examples: A woman gets the kids to school and kindergarten, take a minibus to and from work is lost. And the passengers in the bus remember it came out and disappeared somewhere.

Man, no problem with the money on a nice car to work did not get halfway. Found an open car parked at the curb. She was wound-up, while gasoline is not over. No stop signs, turn signals are included, and trace out the owner of it.

Another woman left her year-old child to a quick run to the dairy kitchen. Two stops to the kitchen and not reached, was gone.

Elderly grandmother went to get water column (water turned off at the entrance) and disappeared. A bucket is, it's not, and all around on the snow fell only traces of it there.

Perhaps some still were kidnapped maniac mafia, or have started to hide from responsibility and creditors. But like, the above cause loss of some staff investigation yet to take seriously the story of the kidnapping of some force, including aliens.

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