Explosions in Makeyevka


20.01.11.V Makeyevka (Donetsk, Ukraine), where the morning of January 20 there were several explosions, the evacuation of people from the office building, according to Island.
Employees and visitors were evacuated from the building of the Central City district administration. In the same building, reportedly located and City Bureau of privatization.

The reason for the evacuation was not officially named. The publication says that the building might have checked for explosives. Outside, a few policemen on duty.

According to the comments in the morning in Makeyevka check for explosives buildings of the various institutions, as well as apartment buildings. In general, urban institutions and organizations are reported to work as usual.

Explosions outside Makeev coal and one of the shops occurred around 05:00. But no one was hurt.

Later in the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that near the site of one of the explosions was found a letter in which the unknown demanded money (according to unofficial information, the four million) and threatened to make a new explosions, if the requirements are not met. According to the Ukrainian Truth, the letter stated that mined five places where people congregate.
The authors state that are against government, adding that our loved ones have died, we have nothing to lose.
Shortly after the explosion agency URA-Inform.Donbass, citing unnamed sources, reported that the city is panic and that frightened townspeople take their children out of schools and kindergartens.

However, other sources later denied allegations of panic. Thus, a local newspaper reporter Donetsk news Russian news service said that in general, the situation is normal, do not panic there. According to him, children out of school parents were taken only in rare cases. In turn, the employee Newspapers in Donetsk said (her words leading newspaper in Kiev), that the explosions did not know half the town. She said the information have mostly those who live in the city.

In connection with an event, as reported in the Security Service of Ukraine, was a criminal case. From the report, the SBU that events in Makeyevka qualify as a terrorist act.


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