Explosions in the Urals subside fall


8.08.11.Spetsialistam CVO left recycle 20,000 tonnes of decommissioned weapons. Only in March 2010 as part of the federal program district was blown up 660 thousand tons of shells and gunpowder.

As "Uralinformbyuro" in the group information management CVO already stopped blasting on Chebarkul Totsk and landfills in the Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions. Implemented a plan to destroy munitions at all sites of Perm and Krasnoyarsk territories.

Aduyskom on Site (Sverdlovsk region), Donguzskom (Orenburg region), Yurga (Kemerovo Region), Roshinsky (Samara region) recycling rounds continue until September 25.

In general, the military district of obsolete ammunition and gunpowder to be completed by November 1. In the group of information management CVO noted that all work carried out to safety, and industrial facilities in compliance with all requirements.

Meanwhile recycling patted yuzhnouraltsev lot of nerves. Back in October 2010, residents flooded Chebarkul regional authorities complaining of tremors. To resolve the "explosive" problem in the region came to Deputy Defense Dmitry Bulgakov. And in December, scientists at the Institute of Geophysics UB RAS confirmed that tremors caused by explosions on Chebarkul range.

Source: Uralinformbyuro

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