FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs




FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs. And the all-American hysteria scale, it seems, really was because of a lot of documents from respectable newspaper clippings with headlines like, "They're here," "UFO landed in 39 states," etc.

Declassified archive (11 folders, 1600 pages) stored on the official website of the FBI (foia.fbi.gov), contains information about the UFO hysteria that swept America in the late 40's — early 50-ies of the last century after the famous Roswell incident. Then, in the south-east of the country in July 1947, have fallen to the ground mysterious flying disc.
Actually, about the story, which is considered a classic of the genre ufology and still mentioned in any article about extraterrestrials, in declassified documents of the little offensively. Reports of agents of the rumors, stories of eyewitnesses ("my friend and I were traveling by car, then something babahnulo, and it became as bright as day" or "for an hour we saw a strange object in the sky that looks like an inverted saucer") and a few documents with personal autograph of then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, where he gives instructions to collect such rumors and laments the military who do not reveal their secrets.
And the all-American hysteria scale, it seems, really was because of a lot of documents from respectable newspaper clippings with headlines like, "They're here," "UFO landed in 39 states," etc. And the importance of this archive, because now anyone can appreciate as secret agencies dealt with similar things (in the USSR KGB operated in the same way). FBI agents from Alaska to New Mexico, are sending to the center of a number of reports, which somehow mention the terms "flying disc", "green balloons in the sky" and other abnormal things. In addition to eyewitness accounts, here, and surveys of local residents in the areas of air crashes, the records of the company, which began producing toys "flying saucer", the data from the design offices, where they create a new aircraft, interviews with university professors on the subject of UFOs can be classified Russian technology, reports on the latter-day Messiah, astronomical observatories information about meteor streams. All this correspondence is on official forms the FBI and the Department of State of the military department, with the seals as "secret", "copy prohibited". In general, the "X-Files" and only. However, written concise language razvedsvodok.
Alas, the truth is, as before, is there somewhere. Before giving the public its archive, the Office carefully dipped out all the conclusions and recommendations. In many documents, there was only a "cap", and all the text removed "for reasons of privacy." Nice guys these Americans: honestly admit: "It was the case, looking for UFOs, but if found, will not tell anyone."
The leadership of the FBI, probably just tired of being progressive UFO community accuses them of hiding alien corpses. Personally, I do not believe that in the remaining unpublished and published with cuts documents may contain something of value. Just look at what form the archive — yellowed pages (half a century has passed all the same) with handwritten or typewritten text passed through the scanner. And right in this form, no further computer processing, posted on the Web. Understand what is written in half the documents can only be risking "breaking eye" (I suspect that the very "febeerschiki" do not understand all written). And I got the impression that most FBI doing it no longer interesting, and posted the documents just because "here you are, just fuck off." A "white spots" in the archives? In my opinion, all the "servicemen" quirk on the grounds of secrecy. And someone in charge of the Bureau of secrecy, had his organization a disservice — a hope for the mystery still remains.
     EXPERT OPINION. Full archive, but the most interesting is not
Boris brother-in-law, the President of the Russian UFO community:
— Previously, these documents can be obtained on request from the FBI. I myself have letters of this venerable organization with offers to buy the archive over a certain amount. I have studied the documents and I think that it is a complete archive of the Bureau on the subject of UFOs for the period 1947 — 1953 years. But there are many pages of notes or smeary. I do not mind that the hidden names and addresses of witnesses, but why hide from public view individual reports, orders and findings, if the alleged UFO subject is no longer a secret? In addition, no one has yet seen the complete archives of Staff of the U.S. Air Force and the Army Intelligence at the time.
BA Shurinov the most reputable domestic UFO (UFO studies since 1975), treated badly by the activities of many of the current ufoorganizatsy, accusing them of discrediting the idea of UFOs. And when our correspondent Andrey Pavlov through drills and tractors "draw" circles on the field, and some "experts"-ufologists authoritatively stated that this marks an alien spaceship ("KP" on 20.10.2000 and 31.08.01), called the Shurinov office and said, "Thank you for what you are struggling with charlatans."
     BTW. For six years — three accidents
Rumors of a UFO crash in America appeared three times
First crash suffered mysterious drive in July 1947 in the state of New Mexico (Rozuelsky incident). Then the Americans lively discussions about the UFO crash-landed in California in 1952. A year later broken "flying saucer" was found in Arizona. Americans firmly believed that in all three cases, the military managed to get hold of the corpses of aliens (supposedly in all cases, their growth has been 1.1 — 1.2 meters, and they were dressed in costumes of silver) and move the wreckage of their aircraft at one of the military bases.
The FBI report is reports from agents about these rumors, but there is no evidence that these disasters have occurred in reality.

     Andrei Egorov.

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