Fears of useful and useless




Our fears may be helpful. For example, in the social development of human fear emerges as one of the means of education: for example, formed by fear of disapproval is used as a factor in the regulation of behavior. But the fear is needed not only to the state, the laws of which we are afraid to break, or the social environment, whose conviction we are afraid at times no less, but also ourselves.

In its first sense of fear — an emotion that occurs in situations of threats to biological or social human being and aimed at the source of real or imagined danger. Functionally, the fear of a warning of impending danger, allows you to focus on its source, encourages the search for a way out of a dangerous situation. That's why fear is useful. Fear as a reaction to the threat or danger justified and natural. It is an inseparable part of human nature. The absolute absence of fear — illness, mental disorder.

However, a person, unlike animals, can be afraid of in advance. Human fear — it is also idle threat. Unlike other types of pain and suffering caused by the action of a real hazard, fear arises in their anticipation. Depending on the nature of the threat, the intensity of the experience varies in a wide range of shades: fear, fear, fright, horror. If the hazard unknowingly, there is a condition called anxiety.

Formed by the reaction of fear rather persistent and persist even in the sense of meaninglessness. Therefore, education of the resistance to fear usually is not aimed at getting rid of it, and on the development of self-mastery, if any.

It is noticed that some fears are more common in women, others — in men. For example, women are more inherent in such fears:

— Swallow the food in the presence of strangers with a distinctive throaty sound or whatever "to drop the face." Women are more concerned about the opinion of others about themselves than men. A "obscene sounds" like a champ and swallowing may be "raised questions" reputation refined, educated lady. This can be a problem: being a "decent", in her opinion, society, such a woman may opt out of the meal. According to the fairer sex, it's better to starve day (especially for the figure does not hurt) than to put himself in the wrong light.

Women are more "demonstrative" than men. Sometimes it causes fears and even phobias. For example, one young lady was afraid to travel on public transport, moving around the city by taxi only. Spent on it at times last money. But it turned out that her fear is caused prohibitive demonstrativeness: on public transport it seemed that "all looking at her," and she is dressed worse out of the lady and the bag is not as elegant as that of the woman's …

— Fear of contamination. This kind of fear is often seen in women who received health education. They are studying in detail a variety of bacteria, germs and other "animals" that is present almost everywhere. So wash infinitely such chistyuli floors with bleach, change shoes at the entrance to the toilet, let alone the hands and say nothing! And what an arsenal of cleaning products they have purchased! Naturally, their annoying travel on public transport or view a child puts his mouth next "disgusting."

— Fear for children. Maternal instinct, as you know — one of the most powerful. Therefore, women are afraid for their child and cherish it as they can. But everything in moderation. Very often, parents are beginning to restrict the freedom of the children, "to come to no good", and justified by the child's best interests. And in fact, all of these "do not be friends with that boy," and "Do not go to this company," based on the fears of the parents if the child all the time would be at home, they will be calmer. Sometimes there are cases where parents unconsciously provoke the child's phobia of open space, and as a result the child was no longer leave the house at all.

— For women, more typical of the fear of supernatural: ghosts, poltergeists, UFOs and other things. Women are inherently more sensitive, anxious and suggestible than man. And women are often at the behest of the heart, not the mind. Men usually say: "All phenomena amenable to logical understanding, if not fancy," and then forget about them unworthy of attention "fantastic nonsense." The woman did not need a reasonable argument. She loves all the mysterious and supernatural.

Males other problems. For them, the important career, social status, and they are less focused on the family. Therefore, the fears they have a different nature:

— For many men characterized by the fear of speaking in front of an audience. If a woman is very important to pay attention to it, and she loves public speaking, men tend to get results right away, to achieve which is not necessarily demonstrate their external data and the quality of the speaker. For example, in the school. The goal — to learn something, to study subjects. Why then go to the board and expose the vanity bombarded with jeers classmates? Especially, all the men are proud of, and fear of ridicule is one of the strongest.

— Men more often than women, there is the fear of redness. Redness men perceive as weakness, timidity and even cowardice. Quite often this is accompanied by the fear of fear sweat. Men sweat more than women in general, and in a situation where a person is nervous, the body often "cools" fervor, increasing perspiration. Men are afraid that if the blush, and even vspoteyut — not to avoid embarrassment.

— The fear for the state of his heart, too, is more common in men. This is due to the fact that man is by nature an aggressor, and the lack of activity of the heart limits the ability of the body, so the "punch" the way you and your family to him harder.

There are "universal" fears: fear of pain, sexual fears, finally, fear of death.

— Fear of pain is natural, it displays a highly individual and depend on the physiological type of person — the pain threshold is different for different people. With the most pain every cope alone — there can help meditation practices. But get rid of the fear of pain can be.

— Sexual fears — a harmful thing. Because this area of human relations is 99.9% dependent on what is going on in our heads, and not below. Fear of being a bad partner can seriously affect sexual function. Complexes with regard to one's own body can destroy the intimate life.

— The fear of death — a purely human fear and differs from the animal fear of destruction drastically. We, unlike animals, do know that we die, and we know it's almost a lifetime. Agree, requires a lot of courage to live with such a burden. And the vast majority of us have this courage. By the way, a good way of getting rid of the rest of fears — to think about death. What does the fear of blushing in front of an audience close to the mystery of life? One way to overcome the fear of death — religious faith. But many people manage without it. The fear of death is able to immerse a person into a deep apathy, but he is able to stimulate a proactive stance, the desire to live "on all cylinders". Man is born fearless. We know that children are often not the same fear of spiders, and just play with them, touch and even lick (if the mother does not keep track.) But those same children grow up, begin to fear and avoid them. Why? Most likely, this man just scared unhappy spider, and secondly, there is a great saying "the less you know — sleep tight." Watching the "horror" about venomous vipers or tarantulas, you begin to fear even harmless Little girl trying.


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