Features a modern banking system of the Russian Federation

Features of the modern banking system in RussiaThe modern banking system in Russia is relatively developed and measured. Depositors even after stunning economic crisis 2008-10's trust banks, but the level of trust while still lower than, for example, in 2007. Now the government is trying to regain the trust of the banking sector by deposit insurance.

If the attention given to the credit system, here the Russians began to borrow more active than it was in 2007. About that, on what criteria is now possible to take a consumer credit, Information located on krednal.ru. Monetary sector experts believe that the Russians have become increasingly borrow not only because their solvency to normal after the crisis, but also because it remains a global trend of large-scale lending. On the one hand, that of the principle makes it possible to develop the banking sector itself, but on the other hand there is the danger of large-scale failure to return the money for loans, as it did in the U.S., and that was the beginning of the crisis itself, which every reader knows.

So as not to step on the same rake crisis, many banks use flexible lending instruments, in some cases, artificially increasing the interest rate for those individuals who are taking funds credit the first time. If any man well on the loan by the due date is calculated, this leads to the fact that it has an ability to lower interest burden, if he suddenly want to go back to the bank for a loan. Some lenders entice new customers in order to lower the interest rate on the loan in the process of paying it. This provokes enthusiasm potential borrowers, and people can take advantage of money-intensive organizations.

Modern banks are active in the verbovanie customers with a developed system of deposits. The meaning here is that the interest rate for regular customers of the bank for deposit can be increased significantly above inflation barrier. But to increase the interest rate should be used longer version deposit. For example, by investing 100 thousand rubles for half a year interest rate to be around 6% per annum, but for two years — about 11%. The difference is very significant.

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