Fertility in Novosibirsk at the 1990 level

Every day in the Novosibirsk region 103 children is born. That's more than the average for Russia. Such data are Novosibirskstat, noting that the results of 2012, "the number of births to approximately the 1990 level."  

Statistical Office announced the results of last year. It turned out that the light in the area appeared to 2.6 thousands of kids more than the year before. Total — 37.6 thousand. "The maximum number of births occur at 25-29-year-old mothers (34.8%). In 2012 in all age groups except 15-19-year-olds (where there was a decrease in the birth rate of 7%), a marked increase in the number of births. The greatest increase in the number of births recorded in adulthood: from 40-44-year-old women it was 22.4% in 30-34-year-olds — 16.7% in 35-39-year-olds 14.1%, "- said in a Novosibirskstat message. More children of a married couple (over 77%). But, as noted by the statistics, "illegitimate birth rate remains high, which is more common in rural areas" — 28%. Last year, the total number of births accounted for 51% boys, girls — 49%. The number of births with twins — 388, with triplets — 5, and one quadruplet (this is the first case in 1996 of four children born once in Novosibirsk). Almost half of the women giving birth the baby was born. Post added to the data for June 2013 and the most common names (especially for fans of Asian dominance theory)   More than three thousand children were born in the Novosibirsk region in June. In the regional government for the registrar noted that this baby on 191 more than in the first month of the summer last year. Basically the names of newborns were given the usual, but there were parents originals.

"Traditionally, boys were born more. In general, compared with June last year, we have a significant increase — by more than 191 kid "- said the head of the department for the registrar of the Novosibirsk region Lyudmila Dyadchenko. She also noted that in June 3073 was issued birth certificate (in this statistic — 33 twins and one triplet), death — at less than 133. In most cases, the names of the parents prefer their children to give simple. For example, George, Stephen, Theodore, Paul, Artem, Alexander, John, Cyril, Anastasia, Daria, Victoria, Olga, Nadia. But there have been registered and unusual. Thus, the girls called Patrina, Sandra, Caroline and Nicole, and the boys were named Myron, Dement Clement, Damian and Ustin.

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