Filinskaja failures

Karst holes

2.04.11.Do still a subject of heated debate is the history of the "Filinskaja failures."
In the vicinity of the farm owl, Volgograd region, there are education, the so-called "Filinskaja valleys." First started talking about this phenomenon in the spring of 2006, immediately after their discovery.

Head of the research group "Volga-AZ" Sergei Lobanov and a member of Sergei, go explore this place, check out the data on UFO sightings. Was the version that the origin of failures directly related to UFOs.

Departure on 4 October 2007. Upon arrival and set up camp, the researchers, in spite of the vagaries of autumn, immediately went to explore the area. Come to the edge of one of the failures, they were surprised to discovered species. One gets the impression that here worked giant drill, the drill was removed and a clear imprint in the tree. The structure of the failure was in the shape of a truncated cone. Despite the collapse of the walls of the local pits, generally a form of education sought to correct. Researchers' calculations disappeared "about 760 cubic meters of soil! Was found near the ground, it begs the question: "Where did it go? '.

Could not resist the curiosity, the head of the "Volga-AZ" Sergei Lobanov came down dip. Interestingly, neither on the walls of a strange pit or on the bottom blade of grass has not grown! Was investigated at the bottom of the failure of the possibility of a failed upper soil layer (seen version of karst collapse). No trace of him was found that, in principle, does not contradict the version of karst collapse (physics education failure, let's call her "hourglass", gives little chance dips top layer of soil on the bottom surface of the failure).

There was another version. It was assumed that a cylindrical object of extraterrestrial took soil samples for research. This version is very interesting, but direct evidence to support it, was not found.

Made by digital camera pictures in the dark, check the facts of abnormal fixation of moving balls. It was found that except for small particles illuminated camera there is nothing fixed.

The next day the local residents were interviewed. They told a very interesting case: Villagers in this neighborhood find quicksand that leans more to the version of the karst collapse. At the same time check the data UFO near Owl Farm. Indeed, a number of people witnessed the UFO sightings cylindrical. There have been several cases. But to relate these facts to form a hard failure, not only because the UFO seen in the sky and one of the witnesses did not confirm the convergence of objects to the ground, but, in general, by the lack of logic in this hypothesis.

At this, the study of the phenomenon of "Filinskaja failures" was completed. Based on all the available facts, we tend to think of "Filinskaja failures" karst.

Authors: Duenko Anna and Sergei Lobanov?

Volga — AZ

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