Fire fountain Ozhginskogo field. Video


16.05.12.Vchera evening in the village Kylasov Kungur region suffered a major fire. On Ozhginskom field drilling rig caught fire. Burning associated gas.

The field belongs to the organization "Tomskburneftegaz" in contractors whose Permian, namely, the company "Uralnefteservis." Until now, the fire is not extinguished. Victims and victims. That night, on the site of our emergency work crew.

To control fire was reported about the fire drill on the field in Ozhginskom Kylasovskom settlement Kungur region.

(Vladimir Karpov, head of unit 13 PPP) — To place a call manager 143 Fire Department were sent to garrison forces and means of fire protection for the increased number of the call "one encore" in the 5 fire trucks. It was later sent two more cars, a pumping station and a bag of course Kungur reference point.

Ozhginskoe oilfield young. It was developed in 2007. 4 employees of the watch as usual, and suddenly, in a matter of seconds from the ground outside the gas escaped. None of the workers was injured. All were evacuated.

(Dowd Medow, a representative of the oil company) — Formation pressure exceeds the pressure of the liquid column, and press out the liquid column, followed by the influx of formation: gas, water, oil. It happened very quickly!

Drillers feel the beginning of such events. Usually they occur within 15-20 minutes. It also happened in 8 minutes!

(Julia Dolgov, a television journalist) — Home of the oil rig were not prepared for such a situation. To eliminate the need to build a fire road to the drilling rig. But here it's been 6 hours of fire and a bulldozer, which you can see behind me, who had just started to work.

In place of the state of emergency came Permian paramilitary unit to eliminate oil and gas fountains. That people have moved to action, you need to prepare trenches and fill them with lots of water, to prevent forest fires, and thus cut down on the perimeter of the pillar of fire all the trees …

(Vasily Bobylev, commander of Perm paramilitaries to eliminate open oil and gas fountains) — Defective equipment should be removed, and then will work our group, which will deal with the closure of this well here. We do exactly liquidation. In the future it will be smothered …

Suddenly all came to the scene of the fire with the icon of the Burning Bush local priest, and prayed for all. Practice shows that the flame could blaze a week, a month or even six months.

(Alexander Karavaev abbot Nicholas Church in the village Kylasov) — At this point, I dedicate two years ago. There I do not sanctified. So little people did not think that any thing — it is sanctified. Especially, oil mines are blessed …

Until Kylasov, bots, and other villages Novoselov — only 3 kilometers. Now the main thing for everyone to fire did not spread to the woods on settlements. So far the only people feel uncomfortable — bad gas.

Source: FMVideo

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