Fire spread to the south-western United States

Fire spread to the south-western United States Natural disasters

In the 2012 fire season in the United States began early in the mountains of Arizona. May 25, 2012 firefighters were trying to put out a dozen fires in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, California and Utah. Residents of several towns were evacuated. The territory of 440 square kilometers was engulfed in flames.

In New Mexico, a fire in the Gila National Park began as a result of a lightning strike. Strong gusts of winds contributed to the rapid spread of fire. More than 10 summer houses were destroyed in Willow Creek, about 290 kilometers of forest mass canyon burned.
"Season of fire for 10 days as it had started, flashing in different places, when on May 25 the flame has grown dramatically. Despite the enormous efforts made to build fire barriers, unfortunately, the wind blew the flames instantly over vast territories, "- said Tabitha Smith, Minister of Willow Creek. Large parts of the state has been shrouded in haze. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, until May 27 will wind gust speed is 97 kilometers per hour.
In Arizona, more than 1,100 firefighters, backed by helicopters were trying to extinguish the flames of the most dangerous, "Fire Gladiator", which forced the evacuation of the mining town of Crown King. About 70 square kilometers of pine forest burned. Moist air Pacific helped stop the spread of flames around the state.
After a record-breaking hot spring, many states are at risk of large-scale fires. The authorities of the southern states fear that large fires repeat pattern of previous years, when more than 4,000 square kilometers of forest were burnt. These data were provided by the National fire fighting.

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