Fish in ponds Kirovoradschiny died because of the heat



7.06.12.Vchera during a meeting of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations of resonant question for the mass death of fish in the river basin Sugokleya, reported Kirovohrad regional state administraii

Analyzed the situation head of fisheries Nicholas Rudenko.On noted that fish kill in large numbers began on May 5 and lasted for three days, and it was mainly during May karas.Dalee number of dead fish was not increased.

Mykola Rudenko noted that no water pollution by chemicals or disease or toxic substances in the dead fish were found.
Among the factors that could cause such a situation, he identified the abnormally hot early May, which could not but have an impact on the state of the reservoir, in particular, the rapid development of blue-green algae, which have a negative impact on the fish.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Administration Andriy Nikolayenko urged those present at the meeting of the committee deter journalists in such situations of panic among the population. And the officials demanded constant monitoring of this issue, especially with regard to the ponds and their tenants. It is, according to Andrei Nikolayenko also develop a set of measures that need to restrain proliferation of blue-green algae.

Source: Kirovohrad city portal

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