Fish kill in Deep River


30.03.11.Pervymi alarm sounded fishermen: they noticed that out of the wells drilled in the ice wafting stench, sometimes floated dead fish.

Residents of the village Upper Pihovkin (Rostov on Don) tell: they increasingly began to find the dead fish on the bottom of the river and on the shore. Commission rybinspektsii Rosselkhoznadzor and presented a complete set — from snulogo trehkilogrammovogo carp to large white bream and roach.

The fact that the river is deeply poison starch and syrup plant "AMYLCO" located upstream — in Millerovo, local residents said a long time. And fish kills have been — in the spring and summer of last year. And the sickening smell of the river people have complained — and the leadership "AMYLCO," and the local authorities of the administration. This time it came to picket in front of the administration building Tarasovskoye district. Apparently worked. They tested: Connect prosecutors arrived environmental services.

During a press conference in "Interfax" the situation said Gregory Violin, chairman of the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Administration of Rostov region:

— What happened in Tarasovskoe area — is the impact of what is happening in Millerovo. This does not deny the power of Miller. Take any measures in Tarasovka useless, should eliminate toxic discharges. Management of the company "AMYLCO" in response to the allegations nods to Millerovskiy water utility. They are partly right: the water utility treatment plants were built a long time and work very inefficiently, so that the poor ecological situation here was before the opening of the plant. But "AMYLCO" exacerbates the situation, directing their discharges to the treatment plant water canal. So the fish kills, odor and other woes — the conscience "AMYLCO." The first step in this situation — bringing discharges "AMYLCO" in line with regulations. However, this does not solve all problems, and the next step is to reconstruction of treatment facilities Millerovo water utility.

At a recent meeting at the deputy presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Zhukov, a question was raised about the need to close "AMYLCO." Meeting participants were willing to plant management to rectify the situation two or three months. But the director has asked until September. Until September, of course, no one is going to suffer, so Rosprirodnadzor a court will require the closure of "AMYLCO" — as long as they do not normalize discharges.

But the problems associated with water utility treatment plants remain. Now a project worth about 12 million rubles, which can only improve their work more treatment. But we need a large-scale reconstruction. Is her project, which is now undergoing examination. It is quite expensive — more than 400 million rubles. Municipal money is not enough, but I think it will seek additional funds from the regional budget.

In any case, it will take a lot of time. So in the near future the situation may be slightly improved, but it will stabilize in less than a year.

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