Fish kills in Sovetsk


Fish kills in Sovetsk

16.07.11.Kak said called the editorial reader, dead fish floating along the bank of the reservoir.

It is a reservoir for Schekinskaya TPP. However, as the caller, the fish died in the side of the reservoir, where the new modern industrial production.

— Dead fish floating on the surface larger than the palm, — the caller. — And it was from the factory, well, they do some stuff right in the reservoir is drained. Because modern factory, foreigners there. After all, they like smoking, but here we have — the fish dies.

Recall, this is not the first case of mass death of fish in the region. Thus, the "village" was writing about environmental disaster on the river Upa. Then the problem of specialists engaged Rosselkhoznadzor Rosprirodnadzor, RTN and the Department of Ecology of the Tula region.

Source: My Tula Sloboda

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