Flood in Chelyabinsk. Video


18.07.11.Chelyabinsk still recovering from the last storm.

Water element to send a car to float freely, taking the tablets with Gosznak and left people without electricity.

Just half an hour Chelyabinsk overtook almost normal monthly precipitation. Parking the cars, drivers must have regretted that the trunk is not an anchor. For "swimming" machines elements motorists paid state numbers.

Announcement of the loss-filled findings Internet. But his combination of numbers and letters Hope Rebrov never find. "It's very sad — complains hope Rebrov, motorist, — because it is a long time to restore, re-register the car. This queue is an additional cost. "

Downpour added worries and traffic police officers. Motorists failed myth that deep puddles better pass quickly. "If you find yourself in a deep hole filled with water, the reverse effect and the car becomes unmanageable," — explains Alexei Gorshkov, chief of traffic police propaganda Chelyabinsk.

Traktorozavodsky area. Residents of this house almost a day remained without electricity — water got to the transformer station. A sellers market at all miraculously survived. According to witnesses, lightning hit the vegetable tent. Tatiana Semerova, an eyewitness, said: "It shattered, and then lightning struck here on this piece of iron. We no longer have to touch this tent — all here izvoroshilos. "

For officials last rainfall was significant — the city is not prepared to take that amount of precipitation. Many livnevki — orphaned. Now, a program that will take them to the municipality. Sergei Davydov, head of the administration of Chelyabinsk, said: "Today I gave instructions to the heads of regions to study the issue, and where there is no man storm drainage, promptly clean them and put in working order."

Price issue of orphan livnevok transfer the balance of the city — 200 million rubles. Still the same — to put in order the municipal storm sewers.
Natalia Pastukhov Artem Zagorski

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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