Flooded island territories and marinas in Arkhangelsk


15.11.11.Moschny deep Atlantic cyclone caused high first peak surge for a morning high water in the delta of the Northern Dvina River to reach 297 cm. The critical level — 250 cm This water level was higher in the spring of 125 cm

Stormy situation in the White Sea during the day will be to maintain high water levels and high water for the evening. The water level in the delta of the Northern Dvina again rise to these marks and may exceed them by 10-30 cm

The last time such a high surge in the port of Arkhangelsk was observed in 1957 and was 297 cm in Solombala post. In November last year, the level reached 256 cm

Meteorologists expect that by the end of tomorrow levels will drop to the level of 240-260 cm, but the persistence of the sea northwest vetrovv week in the port is expected to remain high tide levels.

As a result, high-level rise caused by the surge of water in the city and on islands began flooding of low areas. The most significant spills recorded in the area of economy, in villages located on the delta of the sleeves and on the islands. Closed private pontoon crossing the river Kuznechikha. Stop moving passenger trams transporting people from the islands.

Source: Dvina-Inform

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