Flooding in Australia: the roads turned into rivers

February 23, 2013. In the Australian state of New South Wales grows severe floods. Forests, cities and farmlands poured torrential rain that does not stop a few weeks. Disaster victims were two men, TV channel "Russia 24".

In the cities of Campsie and Bellingen declared a state of emergency, the authorities ordered the evacuation of residents. The roads in the state have become more like a river, the drivers of the cars pulled out by rescuers. Ten of thousands of homes were left without electricity.

Source: Lead

On Australian city Sydney storm hit wind and torrential rains

February 24, 2013. Powerful wind storms and torrential rains hit last night for the biggest Australian city Sydney and its suburbs. According to the weather forecasters, near the Pacific coast, not far from the city, encountered two atmospheric front. It became very wind, the rate of which reached gusts of 100 kilometers per hour. As a result, more than 12 hours of incessant torrential rains flooded low-lying parts of Sydney and other coastal towns. Evacuated from the affected areas more than 20 thousand man. According to rescuers, two people were killed.

More than 30 thousand homes on the Pacific coast of New South Wales were left without electricity. Now the situation is gradually returning to normal.


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