Flooding in Brazil. Video


01.05.12. Affected more than 60 cities. Fled their homes around 13 thousand people have died. Floods and landslides caused by heavy rains.

People evacuated by boats, flooded basements and first floors of the houses. Shop assistants are alarmed — product comes up on the streets. With such disasters Brazil already familiar. A year ago, severe flooding in the country killed 890 people.

Source: National TV Belarus

01.05.12. The state of emergency declared in 66 cities of Brazil. According to the latest data, the powerful floods killed eight people over 30 have received various injuries. Torrential rain did not stop for several days.

In the disaster zone most of the settlements of Minas Gerais. More than 10,000 people have lost their shelter, the material damage caused to two million private farms. Destroyed eight bridges, water and landslides washed away many kilometers of roads. Element threatens cities and towns in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Weather forecasts are disappointing — the south-east of Brazil rainy season is in full swing, it will last until the middle of April.

Source: TV Center-Moscow

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