Flooding in central Laos. Video


3.07.11.Spustya week after the first flood on June 24, which experienced the strength of provincial residents Borikhamxay, Borikhan district in central Laos on Saturday June 2 was again under water.

Lightning flooding over the weekend was caused by a prolonged storm dozhdyami.Ne withstand such pressure elements, Nam Xan River overflowed its banks flooding with 31 of the 46 villages in the district Borikhan.Svedeny of deaths and injuries have been reported.

Meanwhile, the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology announce on Saturday warning residents of possible flooding of areas adjacent to the river Xebangfay, and must be prepared to evacuate to safer places.

Authorities are also concerned about the rise of water level in the Mekong River which will prolong flooding in areas along the pritokov.Esli level in the Mekong River rises to a critical level, its tributaries, along with surrounding areas will be flooded, and the situation will deteriorate even further.

"If, however, the level in the Mekong River begins to rise, the flood will suffer not only Borikhan, but district Paksan, causing more damage," — said Mr. Ken Lormany, head of district administration Borikhan.

"Right now, for us, the primary task is to provide rural residents with clean water, as most of the water supply systems were damaged, there is also a need to supply the population with food, medicines and other basic necessities," he added.
"We have announced a fundraiser to help the victims of the disaster, and everyone can take part."
"Our area had not yet recovered from the flooding caused by tropical storm Haima, which lasted from 24 to 27 June, and just began to decline as the Sabbath element again reminded of itself" — said Mr. Kongsy Inthipaya, deputy head of the regional administration .

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Source: TheVientianeTimes

Traveling through Laos: Floods in Vian Vieng

4.07.11.Ventyan, Laos: This weekend Vientiane Times reporter Robert Pollard made plans to make a hike in Vian Vieng. When he arrived in Vian Vieng is the grandiose plans he had to cancel because of the storm that flooded the area. See and hear the story of a trip to Rob Vian Vieng, as he witnessed the revelry of elements in Laos.

Source: TheVientianeTimes


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Lao? With (Laos.???), Full name — Lao? Sskaya Naro? Bottom-Democrats Cesky Repub? Flare (Laos.???????????) — Inland state in South-East Asia with capital Vientiane. On the west it borders with Thailand, in the east — in Vietnam, in the south — with Cambodia in the north — from the Yunnan Province of China, in the north-west — with Myanmar.

Laos as a country dates back to XIV century, when the country was known as Lan Sang Hom Khao ("Land of a million elephants and white umbrella"). 

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