Flooding in Georgia

Flooding in Georgia Natural Disasters

Georgia's capital, Tbilisi several hours flooded rains. As a result of the Kura River (Georgian name "Mtkvari"), which is the main waterway of the Caucasus, burst its banks, causing the worst flooding. Several streets, dozens of cars, shops, cellars apartment buildings and private buildings were completely under water. Traffic is blocked indefinitely.
Severely affected areas of the capital Ortahala. There was a collapse of the mountain, threatening standing next to homes, out of which all the inhabitants were evacuated. Mud and zabivshie drip collector, prevent the normal outflow of accumulated rainwater. In the flooded streets of the city killed five people, including two children. Several reported missing. Tens of thousands were without electricity.
In the Georgian region Dusheti destroyed several bridges. This led to the isolation of eight villages. There is considerable damage to agricultural land and power lines across the country. Fortunately, rail and airport operations in Tbilisi are not violated.

Rescue workers evacuate a resident Ortahaly during night flood.

Washed out a stream of mud and water rescue boat.

Flooding in the streets of Tbilisi.

Flooded grocery store.

Gas station after the flood.

Street in Tbilisi after the floods.

Gulia area, hidden under the water.

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