Flooding in Thailand


BANGKOK, June 28 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Severe flooding in Nan province in northern Thailand has led to the closure of 50 schools and the evacuation of the provincial jail, said on Tuesday evening tayskoyazychnaya newspaper "Khom Chat lyk."

Common in the rainy season flooding in 2011 went beyond forecasts and has already caused several mudslides in mountainous areas of northern Thailand, the newspaper said.

Currently closed four runs the provincial level. The province of Nan decided to temporarily close 50 schools caught up in high-risk areas of flooding. Nearly a hundred local jail inmates were evacuated to the correctional facilities of the neighboring provinces. Most areas of the province have already been declared a disaster. In some places the water level by Tuesday reached 2.5 meters, the report said.

Meteorologists fear that flooding some areas in the province of Nan could be the beginning of another "great flood", like a flood, which survived southern Thailand in winter and early spring due to abnormal rainfall. According to the Thai Ministry of Public Health, winter and spring floods killed more than 80 people.

The rainy season in Thailand usually begins in late April and continues through October. In 2011, heavy rains started earlier. Peak rainfall traditionally falls in September-October, when the threat of flooding occurs even in the middle of the country and in Bangkok, some areas that are below sea level. Last year, the drainage system of the capital has withstood the pressure of water from the two reservoirs located close after partial destruction of closing them locks and dams. However, if the flood will be even stronger than last year, some areas of the capital could be at half-meter layer of water.

Source: RIA Novosti

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