France bans window lighting

France bans lighting showcases Facts

The French Government is going to introduce a law prohibiting the use of night lighting stores and other non-residential public buildings in order to save and care for the environment. The owners of these buildings across the country will have to turn off the light from the morning until six in the morning. The law will lead to July 2012.

Typical view of French street night with glowing windows.

Most commercial organizations highly disagree with this decision. They fear that it may increase the number of thefts and damage the tourist attractiveness of cities. Ecological communities of France, on the contrary, does support this initiative. They believe that such measures will help save electricity, which is enough to supply a large city, but rather 260,000 homes.

Besides obvious environmental benefits, there are other advantages of the new policy:

* Will create the more familiar natural conditions for biodiversity in the dark;

* A dark sky over France simplify the work of astronomers;

* Turn off the light of the positive impact on the quality of sleep of the townspeople.

If the law comes into force, it will necessarily contain items relating to lighting buildings in emergency situations, for example, will be allowed to light traffic on the protected sites.

According to conservative estimates, the news portal DIGITAL JOURNAL, if the law will be, since the summer of 2012, in France the "Earth Hour" will be repeated five times each night!

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