France to Reunion moving storm Dumil

January 3, 2013. The highest "red" threat level announced Thursday morning at Reunion — French overseas department in the Indian Ocean. Plan "cyclone"Prescribes the residents of the island do not go out, and in the homes to be in the strongest part of the building.

On Reunion approaching tropical storm "Dumil" and two local airport closed from Wednesday morning, do not work kindergartens and schools.

For more than a day did not stop torrential rains and blows strong wind, it is expected that it will exceed the speed of 140 km / h. Population (the island is inhabited by 800 thousand people) is recommended to stock up on water, food and medical supplies, as well as prepare for a possible evacuation.

Tropical storm Reunion is moving to the north side. Forecasters do not rule out it could turn into a hurricane and attack the coast of the island on Thursday. Breathing is the approaching storm caused a problem on the island with electricity. On Thursday, 25,000 households were left without electricity — uprooted trees damaged wires.

Source: Euronews


On the island of Reunion bumped strong cyclone

January 4, 2013. Nearly 100,000 homes were on the territory of. Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, owned by France, were without electricity as a result of sweeping through the island a strong cyclone. The power supply system has suffered greatly, which is not surprising, because the speed of the wind during cyclone activity Dumil reached 180 km / h

In addition, the island is marked by a heavy rains, as the cyclone passed close to the west coast of Reunion (90 km). That night downpours left 95,000 homes demon world. By this time, he began to move away from the cyclone island. While it is not installed, how many residents remained without drinking water because of problems and failures are water pipes, but it is expected that this number will be high. According to preliminary estimates, the very serious damage caused avocado plantations and other crops.

Fortunately for everyone, Dumil not leave fatalities. In many ways, this result was achieved due to officially declared "red" danger code and the call to stay indoors. Still, 14 people were slightly injured and about 170 people were forced to leave their flooded homes damaged or temporarily staying in special centers for evacuees. It is noteworthy that each of the group of adventurers who refused to follow orders not to leave the house until after the storm and who decided to look at the waves of the sea is 10 meters high, was fined 135 euros.

Cyclone Dumil became the first major cataclysm in February 2007 on about. Reunion. Then from the disaster killed two people drowned in the river.


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