French perspective shooting complex RAROR

French perspective shooting complex RAROR

If you take a single branch of any viability 1st family guns and trace its development, then one way or another can be monitored at least some progress, otherwise it would not called development. But soon, despite the construction of some «promising» samples, it is difficult to say that the instrument develops. In most cases, nothing really new and at the same time present the funds that have been spent on the development does not occur, but there are exceptions. In this article, try to find out whether such an exception French «perspective rifle range», which had to finish this year, and will talk specifically about-automatic grenade launcher RAROR.

Immediately it should be noted that disk imaging on this small amount of weapons, unlike similar developments of the same United States, but it is still something «dig» failed. Please note that working on this project for several companies, among which the Belgian FN, which is engaged in the development of the rifle gun, grenade launcher was developed Euroimpact, shots for him — this is the result of work of Lacroix. In addition, the electrical part of guns were also engaged in far not the most ignorant of the company, so that the total should be really impressive, though, and here is all depending on how the work is coordinated companies, so it is not always a plus to plus plus can give.

Start to describe this machine worth, for sure, with his appearance. And the appearance of weapons like guns was modeled with the main characters mind-blowing militants. In general, and «20,000 Leagues Under the Sea» was once the product is very, very mind-boggling, and at the moment the submarine is not enough people are surprised. Is noteworthy that in one embodiment of the complex is no pistol grip in its ordinary awareness, instead it has to stop holding hands, which runs parallel to store guns. This immediately raises the oscillation convenience and reliability of appeals hold this standard, in addition, the left-hander will obviously not welcome such «ergonomics», not to mention those who have to keep the fire on the left side seekers actually one hundred percent as having appeared on the palms the enemy. In general, judging by the photos, this emphasis may be submitted to the other side of the gun that at least partially solves the problem. It may also be that the excesses in general as a result will not be, because there are already standards in bullpup assembly, which in this case seems to be just perfect for your own convenience. The overall design of this standard is very solid and, despite the extensive use of polymers and lightweight alloys, it is not just a memory, but a reality, because the weight of the complex without ammunition is 7 kg.

 French perspective shooting complex RAROR

Part of the standard grenade launcher is a typical analogue of the American system, where the shots themselves grenade explosion programmed time regardless of the distance to the target. But not unlike the most effective, but quite expensive 25 millimeter rounds of South American origin French consume 35 mm caliber shots. Thus, the laser rangefinder measures the distance to the target, and the computer determines the time dependence of the weight of the ammunition, through which it will be on the measured distance. So makarom itself grenade explodes when hit no goals and not through the fixed clearance time, but strictly on the approach to the target, while still in the air, which significantly increases the effectiveness of munitions. Well, unlike American shots caliber of 25 mm, the efficiency of the French obviously higher price and ammunition themselves fully justifies result from their implementation. Itself for itself triply launcher, with horizontal shots that are likely to have peeped Australians, however, have their shots pomegranate designed for 40 mm caliber, but there is not the essence of principle, because Australian modify complex for many years, and here already rumors about the end of the works and the adoption. That is to say, who first stood up, and sneakers.

Automaton part of this complex is not so far is ordinary, as in other models of guns. So, if in other countries, such devices are based on a particularly successful model that here lay a new benchmark database tools, which is not used separately from the complex, which apparently made to reduce the weight of the gun. In general, many sources say that the foundation served as FAMAS, in that hard to believe. It is also interesting and that regular ammunition for small part of the complex is not just a standard cartridge need 5.56 and chuck-piercing bullet. But, unfortunately, not even know the real diameter of the bullet ammunition. On the other hand, it’s hard to call something supernovae inherent directly to this standard, because similar ordnance may be applied to any weapon fully chambered standard NATO. Naturally, and recycling is also true, namely that RAROR can use ordinary 5.56 x45.

As it turns out, the French are among the number of those who first heeded the voice of reason and a hundred percent moved all sights on electronics, which helps manage the arrow tool through individual glasses. It is difficult to say this so here is the run, plus or minus it. But in general, if a person spendest quite a lot of time training with a similar system, the effectiveness of fire Age times, especially under the condition that the shooter himself can not even turn his head toward the target, and it is to hide behind cover. In general, such a system has negative moments, because if it fails, the instrument is converted into useless junk in the absence of simple open sights. And although the front sight completely and when such design of the device will be quite awkward to use, but it’s better than nothing. Recall one of the «national» phrases: «You will want to live to the same wrong raskoryachishsya.»

Separately should be noted that in almost all sources divide two standard tools and at an early date. It is not quite so, because both the standard tools developed in parallel, fundamentally, on its own designs do not stand out, but have differences in ergonomics, weight and quantity of ammunition, and what will be more successful, time will tell, although there is a reference in the assembly Bullpup. So what are waiting for the official detailed report on this standard, or, more precisely, two swatches.
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