Frogs fall from the sky




"Birds of Sakhalin", 13.11.2003, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, n45, p.5

Author: E. Nosov

_ * Syamzha district of Vologda region for some time now has become a zone of anomalous phenomena. * _

In August, the district swept through a hurricane. The epicenter of the natural disaster was a former collective farm. Korobitsyna, located 40 km from the Syamzhi. Unprecedentedly strong gusty winds with rain and hail brought with it … swarms of frogs. It seemed like they were falling out of the sky on the heads of the villagers. Director of the House of Culture korobitsynskogo Leah M. Mostofina recalls: "Frogs raced with great speed and tumbled to the ground. On the next day the whole country road and gardens were littered with dead frogs. Apparently, they issued a strong wind out of some body of water and has brought down right on the the village. "

And when the wind died down, the village moved insect swarms seen before. Ants are quite large in size with wings literally swarmed the house and trees. Ants were not as harmless as frogs. They were biting hurts those who came near them, leaving painful sores on the body.

Some days the villagers were afraid to stick his nose out of the house while winged ants have not disappeared as suddenly as they appeared.

And in the autumn anomalies in Vologda continued. A few kilometers from Korobitsyno in the village Organova the end of September fell an unprecedented degree. The hailstones were very large — the size of an egg. Near it was possible to consider that this is — frozen together in small clumps of ice. Wind and hail broke windows in homes, greenhouses beat. At a local store saleswoman Galina Zavarina unwelcome rainfall struck roofing material on the roof of the bath. Hail, wind and rainfall smashed branches on trees, beat potatoes. But most of all suffered onions — everywhere in the village was the smell.

But the local kids a bizarre hail hit the spot. Many have collected it in buckets and boxes and still keep in the refrigerator in Hailstone cups.
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