From Algeria to Yemen: What surprised Hillary Clinton?

From Algeria to Yemen: What surprised Hillary Clinton?This week, the entire Middle East protests enveloped in connection with the South American film "The Innocence of Muslims," in which are contained explicit izymatelstva the prophet Mohammed. The unrest began on Tuesday in Benghazi were killed there salting USA Chris Stevens and three other employees of the embassy. In a matter of hours to anti-American speeches in Benghazi joined the Muslims of Tunisia, Yemen, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, and even Australia, where in Sydney on Saturday, about a thousand people came to the South American Mission with posters "Our dead — in paradise, and your — in hell "and" Off with their heads, who offended the Prophet. "

The protests were unprecedentedly fierce temper and Edged accompanied by clashes with police. In Cairo, were shot and killed three people, 10's were injured. In Tunisia, protesters ransacked the U.S. embassy on the ground and in the British school. U.S. salting was evacuated by helicopter from the embassy. As a result, the attack killed three demonstrators and more than 30 were injured. In the Sudanese capital Khartoum were attacked not only embassy USA. Protesters also stormed into embassy Germany and placed over it a dark flag Salafis. And in the capital, a close ally of the U.S. — Jordan — the mass chanted "Hey Obama, we all — Osama," and "We do not want the U.S. Embassy in Jordan!"

What did cause such an explosion of anti-American sentiment in the Muslim countries? U.S. trying to find here komplot design of anti-Western forces, but to be the case in the other. Unlike that thinking in Washington, it was predicted. Silly interest of the American press and some politicians about the "Arab Spring" and before that seemed weird. Now it has become quite clear: the United States could successfully deal with the Arab dictator, but can not deal with the Arab peoples. And they blame their need their policies.

Our homeland has repeatedly warned U.S. and Western countries that they do not calculate the consequences of their own actions in the Arab world, and before that in those countries where support armed opposition and organize military intervention. Unfortunately, our warnings they hear not, precisely, do not want to hear.

"How so? Our diplomats are killed there, where we assist people to get rid of despots?" — Perplexed or pretends wonders Hillary Clinton. Actually, everything would be as annoying as it sounds, naturally. Two converging tectonic rift between the United States and the Arab world.

Rift first — sensual and means — and the political. Yes, from Libya to Syria rebels may seek support from the United States, tools, equipment, and land incursions and air operations of NATO, they are ready and will take advantage of all this to come to power, but most, if not an absolute majority of the population in these countries the U.S. does not feel any good to the United States of emotions. Contact with a narrow top leadership, which came to power in Libya instead of Gaddafi, the United States was not true for the convergence of all the Libyan people. But the people of Libya does not feel gratitude to the United States, especially because many Libyan families have lost loved ones as a result of air strikes of the air forces of the USA and NATO.

Who is Hillary Clinton enthusiastically believes weather which remained, in her opinion, with Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and warm support of Syrian rebels. But who exactly it supports who these people are, what their standards and beliefs? And where is the guarantee that they will soon unfold against the U.S.? No such guarantee. Moreover, there is in fact a guarantee that Syria establish themselves in constructive Islamist groups that are already heavily manifest themselves. And instead of a secular country and the best that was in Syria with Assad, instead of the country, where peace and harmony lived all ethnic groups and all religions, we get a second Iraq. Our homeland has repeatedly warned about the United States and other Western countries. But, blinded by their limitations and geopolitical calculations, they can not absorb these warnings.

Rift second — the ideological. In the West incorrectly believe they can, citing freedom of speech, endlessly mock Islam and the prophet Mohammed. May assert the right to caricature, to the burning of the Koran and the creation of anti-Muslim film. Go to the freedom of expression it has no business. After all, almost everything else that is forbidden in the West, freedom the word does not apply. In another now tried to plant with such fury in jail Julian Assange. The attacks on Islam and its holy sites — is not freedom words, it is freedom hatred. Muslims respond to this western countries for their hatred. Constantly indulging in anti-Islamic lunges, western favorites not only provoked a lot from Tunisia to Afghanistan, they give a massive weapon in the hands of Islamist radicals, which are able to call for jihad more and more Muslims.

All this is to say, that from time to time, even a suspicion: and maybe this is all done on purpose? In the name of any not fully understood, but it is very far-reaching goals, in the name of the policy that asks the discharge of hatred between the West and the Muslim world and asks the clash of civilizations? But if so, it is — play with fire. Its consequences we have beheld in Iraq litsezreem in Afghanistan, and see for sure yet raz.I a dangerous game to finish.

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