From patrol boats to aircraft carriers

Our home offers a full range of naval equipment and armaments

The questions weekly "MIC" said Managing delegation of "Rosoboronexport", the first deputy general director Ivan Maksimovic Goncharenko.

"MIC" Ivan Maksimovic is too early to sum up the work of "Rosoboronexport" for the year, but there are some crotch results?

— Yes, of course, and they cheer. Namely, for the first six months of military products export destination only strip our society of 6.5 billion dollars. This is higher than the results for the same period last year. So we can say that on this day Rosoboronexport continues to do well with all its obligations. I believe that the results for the year will amount to more than 11 billion dollars, and it is also higher than the performance of the year. So Makarov, we continue to provide the company with orders for the Russian defense industry uptime. And with the state defense order This will increase the number of jobs, buy equipment, upgrade technology, enhance research and development.

"MIC": What are the tasks put in front of him Rosoboronexport, taking part in the Paris naval show "Euronaval-2012"?

— Role in major international exhibitions — is the fundamental direction of advertising work Rosoboronexport. Feature of this exhibition is that it does not have a regional focus and is a showcase of global trends in naval technology. "Euronaval" — one of the oldest and the more notable naval salons of the world, which held every two years. Role in it is not only prestigious, and principally from the standpoint of a country style, demonstrating outstanding abilities in the area of the state military shipbuilding. That's why our homeland participates in "EURONAVAL" for the eighth time.

"MIC": What is the rationale success Rosoboronexport, which every year improves its own performance?

From patrol boats to aircraft carriersDirector General of Rosoboronexport
Anatoly Isaykin and head of delegation
kompaniiIvan Goncharenko (left)
at the cabin "Euronaval-2012"

— In my work we do not only focus our attention on individual swatches and types of Russian production of defense products, and constantly strive to assist our customers in optimizing military spending by tying tips for choosing an aspect of Russian weapons "cost-effectiveness". Export versions of Russian weapons and military equipment adapted to the operating conditions in different latitudes. The composition of tools and equipment of ships includes the components supplied by Russian companies, and leading global manufacturers. At the request of the customer could be considered the configuration of their nomenclature.

With all this Rosoboronexport offers a wide range of services and prices set by the ships and provide them with daily battle activity. This is achieved by providing a full range of onshore facilities for the home, repair and maintenance of ships, storage and preparation for use of guns and ammunition, professionals conducting classes on modern simulators, which are available upon request.

"MIC": Who is the naval forces of the countries that have positioned themselves as the leading regional powers, can not do without the submarine fleet, while ROE is quite a wide range of offerings. What has been presented here?

— Our home has been recognized for many years a favorite of shipbuilding. Now the country there are about 160 companies, among which not only the shipyard, research universities and engineering offices, and factories marine engineering, instrumentation and electronics. Russian shipbuilding complex can design and build military submarines and surface ships and auxiliary vessels of all classes and produce all kinds of naval weapons and equipment. The highest level of science, engineering and shipbuilding technology, decent capacity, highly skilled and experienced foreign trade of the Russian Federation can hold up a leading position in the world in the export of naval equipment and armaments.

From patrol boats to aircraft carriersGreat export potential in their own unique specifications and combat abilities Russian diesel-electric submarines "Kilo". Their advantages are evaluated on the merits of the Indian Navy, China, Poland, Iran, and other countries.

Thus, the diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 is designed for the efficient destruction of submarines, surface ships, and shore-based targets at least some potential enemy and can act as without the help of others, and as a part of the group. This is one of the quietest diesel-electric submarines in the world, that the Americans have dubbed it a "black hole." It provides a guaranteed quality of proactive detection and attack the enemy at long range, also provides an opportunity to escape and become unnoticeable to foreign ships.

High effectiveness of this submarine provides a unique missile system Club-S. Due to the long-range shooting complex (up to 275 km) significantly increases the opportunity to enter the submarine to attack targets speed also increases the stability of diesel-electric submarines in the battle retaliatory actions of the enemy.

Another product of the modern Russian shipbuilders — single bay diesel-electric submarine of the fourth generation of the "Amur-1650" with 2 spare propellers. She is perfectly capable of doing combat tasks in all areas of the oceans during all weather conditions, in shallow and deep water areas. Highly sensitive equipment and weapons provide this massive submarine guaranteed proactive detection and the ability to attack foreign ships at long range, timely evasion of anti-submarine ships of the enemy. Foreseen the creation of anaerobic power plants based on diesel fuel reforming and equipping it "Amur-1650", which will allow to increment while scuba diving up to 20 days.

"MIC": According to analysts, in the coming three — five years in the world once a year will be sold about 10 surface warships major classes — corvettes, frigates, and other platforms at the cost of 100 million dollars and above. What is in this range, the ability of Rosoboronexport?

— We have no great or malehankih contracts. Each partner we treat delicately and respectfully. At the moment we are actively advertising policy, which is based on analysis of the interests and needs of our potential customers. With all of this can almost always be read not only on the supply of ships and submarines, and about their joint design and construction at shipyards customers. This approach has permitted us to expand the geography of their own supplies.

Great enthusiasm potential customers are showing to the Russian ship — a multipurpose frigate "Gepard-3.9", which is used in the design of architecture "Stealth". Head ship the series — "RT" in 2002, he joined the Russian Navy frigate and a serial creation of this project both for Russian Navy and for export.

From patrol boats to aircraft carriers"Gepard-3.9" is designed to search for and destruction of surface, underwater and air targets because of its diverse weaponry and equilibrium. Is based on the ship deck helicopter flight weight up to 12 tons.

Another multi-purpose vehicle — Project 11356 frigate is designed for combat as without the help of others, and as part of the compounds against surface ships and submarines in the ocean and sea areas, also to reflect the air attacks. Frigate can act as an escort ship. The corresponding feature of the design and construction of new Russian frigate is the transition to modular aggregation process.

To destroy surface ships, search and destruction of submarines, the destruction of ground targets deep in the countryside, fire support amphibious assault frigate project is 22356. Different arsenal of missiles and artillery weapons, air defense systems and means of combating underwater objects, the presence of the Ka-28 or Ka-31 frigate allow this type of well to do the full range assigned to him combat missions.

"MIC": In this time to "EURONAVAL" presented dual-purpose vehicles and even civilian ships for the Navy.

— And we go in line with these trends. The new ship, which is of "Rosoboronexport" advances on the world market, it has become a research vessel the ice class. We want to provide technical assistance in the organization of its construction in the shipyards of the customer. The vessel is designed to address research challenges in the Antarctic region, namely for geophysical and seismic surveys, and for the future development of engineering education fields. This project incorporates the experience of many years Russian designers icebreakers and puts into practice the fundamental scientific research in recent years.

"MIC": Also, is projected to increase and global export boats — about 45-50 units per year. Rosoboronexport has to offer to its prospective customers in this sector of the market?

— Our homeland is one of the largest exporters of missile boats. Russian designers and shipbuilders were the first to put into practice adjustable spoilers, allowing to patrol boat project 14310 "Mirage", which has no analogues in the world, to reach speeds up to 50 knots, significantly reducing the impact of rolling and pitching, and the specific consumption of fuel.

The patrol boat "Sobol" displacement of about 60 tons, also using spoilers, designed to carry a duty service in the territorial waters, the embodiment of enforcement ships and sailing vessels regime in the internal waters, the roads ports and harbors, and in the adjoining coastal areas of the sea . Combining inside excellent navigability properties with the highest rate of speed, the ability to fit a high-speed maneuver and weapons, boat hundred percent corresponds to the notion of "interceptor". Its analogue into service.

Huge export potential has high-speed patrol boat skimming "Mongoose". It is capable of speeds up to 50 knots and is designed to intercept virtually all of the high-speed sea targets. Its propulsion system provides high maneuverability even in difficult navigation criteria.

Decent export capacity has amphibious hovercraft project 12061E "Murena-E." It is designed to transport and landing on unequipped Preserving the tanks, wheeled vehicles and personnel with weapons, and other cargo weighing up to 40 tons. The boat could at speeds exceeding 50 knots overcome shallow water, rapids, sandy beaches, marshes and ponds overgrown with vegetation. His massive arms can provide effective fire support to the landing force during landing. The highest speed, Troops capacity and efficiency in comparison with conventional landing craft can be considered "Muren-E" a good tool for special, peacekeeping and expeditionary operations in most regions of the world.

"MIC": "Euronaval" — a beauty not only fighting ships, and naval weapons.

— Absolutely, because the power of the cannon and rocket torpedoes — one of the main characteristics of the power of the Navy. Now shield Rosoboronexport were presented built missile systems for submarines Club-S for surface ships and Club-N. They are designed to defeat cruise missiles surface ships, submarines and coastal targets the enemy of all types, even in the criteria of a strong electronic and fire resistance. On the basis of the missile system Club-N is designed functional mobile coastal missile system implements Club-M.

Anti-ship missile system "Uran-E" excellent strikes boats, ships and marine transports enemy displacement of up to 5,000 tons. To increase the stealth and surprise attacks, ensuring stability of the funds enemy fire missile Kh-35E This complex has a low altitude. "Uran-E" can be installed under construction or are in the battle of the ships, transports and on shore.

The unique properties of mobile coastal missile system "Bastion" with cruise missile "Yakhont", which has the-horizon range, supersonic speed on all parts of the trajectory of flight, also implements the principle of "fire and forget".

Do not lose their own positions and naval artillery, machine-gun armament. The highest competitiveness own 100-mm naval gun mounts lightweight A-190, 30-mm automatic gun mounts AK-630M, AK-306 and their modifications.

By the way, we have demonstrated at the exhibition, and small arms and light weapon close combat — the improved Kalashnikovs as a "cell" series, 5.45-mm machine gun Nikonov AN-94, machine guns, flame throwers, hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, sniper rifles, night vision sights, and many other standards AME made on the basis of leading technologies.

"MIC": Another Pearl Harbor showed that the survivability of the fleet in almost everything to ensure an effective defense systems.

— Now this must be added and reliable protection against missile threat. Vehicle safety from air attacks promoted by Rosoboronexport guaranteed to provide the world market of anti-aircraft missile complexes "Calm-1" and "Kashtan-M", automatic anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Palma" with missiles "Pine" turret "flexible." Combat effectiveness of these samples on important indicators than many zabugornye analogs and is in demand among our overseas customers.

"MIC": In fact, all maritime coastal concerned about maintaining reliable control. What's in this plan can offer Rosoboronexport their possible customers?

— Indeed, the seas and oceans of the coast is washed by the majority of countries in the world. And every government needs to provide reliable control of their own coastal zone. This protection of maritime borders, the protection of marine resources in the exclusive economic zones, the fight against smuggling, drug trafficking, piracy, terrorism, and rescue at sea. An important task of naval forces — to prevent, stall or reduce the impact of possible enemies from offshore destinations.

These criteria more efficient and cost effective method of security are the creation and implementation of control systems, which includes means for monitoring the above-water, air and underwater conditions, identification systems maritime targets, channels warning of the risks identified, automation, communication, data collection, processing and delivery of disk imaging also rapid reaction force.

The modern approach to the creation of such systems is based on the principles of integration and unification. Data from various sources (Navy ships, coast guard boats, shore stations) all found in the coastal area of objects, sea state and weather coming in real time in a single database. Then these data can regulate the municipal authorities issued and military control, other interested organizations, including the commercia
l base.

On this basis, Rosoboronexport offers prospective buyers a range of new tools that can be phased to connect to an integrated system. Its elements are the backbone onshore operational data centers, which are made in the collection, processing and storage of disk imaging, coming from the surveillance. Such means priemuschestvenno are different types of radars deployed on the coast. This is the-horizon radar "Sunflower-E" radar "Podberezovik-ST1" MR 10M1E and its mobile version of the "Cape-M1E" unified radio stations, local LAN to the territorial subsystem. Of them may be formed in the waters of the observation length of more than 500 nautical miles and a width of up to 200 miles from the coast.

I wish to highlight the features of the surface wave OTH radar "Sunflower-E" with unique abilities and traits. It is designed for day and night and all-weather surveillance, detecting surface and air targets at ranges of up to 450 km and the offshore area of 25,000 square miles at once. "Sunflower-E" significantly lowers the cost of monitoring marine waters within the boundaries of the 200-mile economic zone and allows you to enforce not only the military, and general civil tasks (rescue, environmental monitoring, tsunami warning, protection of biological resources).

Means of underwater observation in a distant zone ASW will be presented to our board materials on the remote detection of stationary complex MGK-608E "North". In the middle and near zones — electric anti-system "Comoros", anti-sabotage sonar "Anapa-ME" and magnetoacoustic complex "Komor-1." They own the highest noise immunity and are able to detect covert submarines, surface ships and small targets (small submarines, combat swimmers and specially prepared marine animals), organize them and automatically transfer the data to the coastal system of defeat even before the principled approach to marine and coastal facilities.

"MIC": At this point in the development of embedded control systems in the Russian Federation there are many competitors.

— Competitiveness and was always touched all weapons. But the technique of some Russian producers of inferior systems for tactical and technical features, and other standards have similar properties, but their cost is much higher. This trend is observed for many potential customers, which on its own initiative with Rosoboronexport discussions are issues of formation of government controls.

Russian experience in the creation and use of embedded control systems of the coastal zone suggests that a systematic approach to providing information of all kinds of marine activity increases its efficiency by more than 30 percent. With all of this configuration options built-in control can vary depending on the purpose, goals and structure defined by the customer. This can be a local system of separately taken the oil platform and a unified municipal lighting marine environment.

"MIC": Current practice shows that the armed forces of the leading world powers to 70-80 percent of the combat training of the crews and teams at the moment is at the gym.

— And this is true. The simulator provides a unique opportunity to detailed analysis of errors, and most importantly — in the shortest possible time to bring all actions, skills and ability of personnel to automatism.

The proposed simulator full Rosoboronexport "Laguna" is necessary for personal and group training naval professionals. It can significantly increase the combat strength of proficiency in ship-handling, combat operations, work in complex criteria. With all of this is totally secured the safety of the crew and costly logistical part, save fuel and energy resources, lifespan ship ammunition.

The concept of "open architecture", adopted in software development, determines the universality of the whole system simulator and makes it suitable for training crews of ships and boats at least some displacement.

"MIC": Does this mean that our homeland begins to make up for lost capacity in the field of IT-technologies?

— Yes, some achievements in this field we have. For example, Russian scientists created a family of mental GIS software systems "Ontomap" in which used the most modern approaches to automation and information support of commanders and staffs at all levels of governance and the steps the Navy — from the task force ships to the task force, including the force fleet. Providing a pair of command Fri lighting systems marine environment, "Ontomap" already at the moment is the foundation built ACS fleet. Not easy for scientific definitions of "ontology", "GIS system"" Modeling support "hides a clear and trivial sense: in practice implemented the principle of management of the naval forces in a single information space.

Incidentally, a similar approach was used in the development of operational simulator "Ontomap-B1". It is designed for training and operational training of commanders and staff officers naval forces, fleets, squadrons, and fleets. The ability of the simulator can simulate combat acts of the Navy of any country against any enemy even in any area of the ocean. At this simulator, students VUNTS Navy, "Naval Academy named after Admiral of the Fleet Russian Union NG Kuznetsov" and the officers of the fleet is already at the moment of friction in making decisions on operations under current criteria, and in the future of armed conflict at sea not excluding the network-centric warfare.

"MIC": The last month and a half press extensively discusses the failure of the aircraft carrier sea trials for India "Vikramaditya". As you commented this situation.

— I have the impression that there is an obvious exaggeration. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the main carrier tests were successful and in full. And this is really the case. Carried out a large part of the test run in the daytime and at night which made flying from the deck of the ship MiG-29K/KUB, tested the important work of the ship's systems.

But at least some special know that the naval ship, an aircraft carrier and even more — it's a copy piece. There can not, as in the automotive industry, at first to make a concept car, and then make a few prototypes to work on them all the aspects and then start the car in the series. That's why the complex of severe tests of all systems to identify and remove prepyadstviya more likely to transfer the ship to the customer. Creation and construction of an aircraft carrier — is the realization of the military-industrial potential of the country. Here are gathered together the merits of metallurgy, machinery, electronics, new technologies in the arms industry, rocketry, and aviation. And whatever states languid but profound modernization of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" and the creation on its base of this aircraft carrier confirmed the ability of the country to produce ships of this class. It is especially important to note after 2-10-s years of the crisis of our shipbuilding industry, when it was involved only 5 percent of the shipbuilding capacity of. In recent years, the trend out of this impasse.

Of course, the difficulty with the Indian aircraft carrier is. And together with the boilers it also applies to third-country equipment. Taking into account that "Vikramaditya" will be used in the criteria for a tropical climate, we are first concerned the work of imported refrigeration equipment, systems, nitrogen and oxygen circulating osmosis desalination plants.

By the time the true prerequisites identified problems, the volume of work, the timing of their implementation, prepared and will be handed over to the Indian side revised schedule repairs.

"MIC": The Indian side requested any penalty for the postponement of the
delivery of the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya"?

— This issue was not raised and not open a discussion.

"MIC": Please say a few words about the helicopter carrier "Mistral", the debate about the acquisition of which was not settled until now.

— Indeed, it is said on this subject was very many. I can only recall that the Russian navy, there were already more than three-century history, created specifically because of the experience that we have took over the Dutch and British shipbuilders, and most importantly — well developed due to its achievements. Remember the famous phrase of Peter majestically that "to build ships and not dangerous to put to sea without helps, science can not." So maybe it makes sense to remember an old practice of Peter and based on French technology to reach new, qualitatively more significant results in the construction of ships, which we do not. For the "Mistral" — a landing helicopter that can do the functions command center, ship supplies and even hospital ship. In general, we have much to learn.

"MIC": You mentioned that you visited our booth Russian Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov. Could not tell what was a conversation?

— An exchange of the views of our activities for the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. Reported to him about the meetings that were held in Saint-Nazaire on purchases of "Mistral" in the interests of the Russian Navy, which at the current time is naikrupneyshim project in our military-technical cooperation with France.

"MIC": What about visiting the Saint-Nazaire?

— There was a meeting under the First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov. It was attended by Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov, the management of the United Shipbuilding Company, through its president Andrew Dyachkova, representatives of the French company STXFrance, also French Defense Ministry. We carried out a review of the work has already been done, discussed a number of issues that must inevitably occur during the construction of such a complex object. In Saint-Nazaire in practice we have seen that the "Mistral" — to be: ship constructed in accordance with the schedule.

"MIC": discusses the question of whether the creation of a simulator for the "Mistral"?

— We have instructed the Russian government to procure "Mistral", but the question simulators are not provided for by these agreements. But it may appear, because the "Mistral" is integrated means of crew training and combat crews. By the way, 2-training our crews foreseen by the contract and will start in France as early as next year.

"MIC": Did you discuss the details of the contract for construction of the third and in the fourth, "Mistral"?

— Let's be clear. The agreement was signed for the construction of 2-'Mistral', which we at the moment and are passionate about. Their names are already defined — "Vladivostok" and "Sevastopol", although it is not necessarily that the items dislocation of both ships will be placed specifically in these towns. What still concerns the construction of the third and fourth vessels, the matter did not open a discussion in detail. As long as we work only under the main contract.

"MIC": What you need in order to open a discussion question? The will of the government?

— Fluctuations in the fact that the first and second "Mistral" will be built, we have not. But I will say this: for a start let us first "Mistral". What's all the same for the third and fourth ships, they should be built in Russia with equity role of the French side in terms of delivery devices that are based on economic reasoning advisable to buy in France. It's a thought that has the right to life.

"MIC": There are some structural differences "Mistral" which built for the Russian Federation, from its French layout?

— So called configurations or enhancements to the design work and documentation of a typical French project by title was made more than sixty.

"MIC": By the way, if you look at the well-equipped French stands, for example the same DCNS, involuntarily made up memory that the shipbuilding seething life of France, enterprises with orders. Russian is pure stands outside such memories do not create, even though the economic situation of our companies is significantly better. How do you assess the situation?

— Yes, I do not think that French companies are now loaded with more than the Russian shipbuilding industry. But everything is easier: in any event, there is a financial component. Here we are in the French countryside, and therefore the ability of local companies and, of course, much broader than ours. Let's wait of Naval Show in St. Petersburg in 2013. And there will be associated.

"MIC": And there we'll show them?

— I'm not saying show or not show it. There we will be able to compare.

"MIC": In what state is the question of creation non-nuclear submarine, along with Italy?

— This issue from the agenda of day or not removed. Discussion with the Italian side of the project S1000 goes. In other words, this question does not stalled, as they say some experts.

"MIC": What weapon will supply our homeland on ships built with the role of the Spanish firm Navantia?

— I believe that as long as it is not necessary to run ahead of the locomotive. Not yet fully dried ink on an agreement on cooperation with the company, signed by "EURONAVAL-2012", and you have about the gun. Question about the types of ships and even more so about the weapon is not open a discussion. Almost all of it will depend on the wishes of foreign customers, in other words, third-country nationals. The agreement with Navantia will not be any money until the load, it only imposes on either side of certain obligations in terms of sharing information.

"MIC": Will we be following "EURONAVAL" buy one foreign naval equipment? As is known, the volume of purchases is similar to the whole of 100-150 million dollars.

— With regard to the volume of imports of defense products, then the results of this particular exhibition they will not change. We did not plan to sign such agreements and contracts, focusing on the discussion of different operating points.

"MIC": And in the long term can be concluded by some big 'imported' contract with foreign producers?

— I believe that such an agreement has been signed. This is the "Mistral". A large contract for the entire post-war history was not.

"MIC": A project to export a breakthrough content is meant?

— I think so. Competition in this area, of course, now only the highest, but still we do not exclude such abilities. The potential of Russian naval equipment is very large. We have and now it is very good portfolio.

"MIC": What are the shared memories from working on "EURONAVAL-2012"? What conclusions did you do?

— At first glance this "Euronaval" not so saturated with the standards of military equipment, if it was previously. In addition, in my opinion, not as an active role in the looks and interior recognizable European and American manufacturers. But our contacts are now even richer: the graph of negotiations, meetings, presentations on modern specimens of Russian naval equipment was very tense. And Russian delegation on this "EURONAVAL" pretty impressive. Then worked representatives of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence and FSMTC Russia. Namely, from the Ministry of Defense Shield Rosoboronexport visited the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces — the first Dep
uty Minister of Defence, Army General Nikolai Makarov, first deputy minister Alexander Sukhorukov and Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Admiral Viktor Chirkov. As it is clear to you, visited the exhibition and CEO of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaykin. So we are pleased with the highest level meeting held here, and that the harsh work that we carried out in principle. The total memory is not bad.

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