From Serbia continues to cut pieces

From Serbia continues to cut piecesThe end of the twentieth century, as we all remember, turned out to be very rich in geopolitical configuration. Political map of the world in the late 80's — early 90's with its constant metamorphosis reprinted with alarming regularity. Instead of the Russian Union of tremendous appeared half-ka 10 independent states and several territorial units, the status of many of them has not been resolved to this day. Another area that has experienced crushing against the bloody ethnic and religious conflicts was Yugoslavia. Mines with a clockwork mechanism, which were laid at the time of the terrain of the SFRY, continue to explode until this time, with the result that more and more fragments of the once great Balkan country cut hurts the soul of the people who used to feel united Yugoslav people. Inter-ethnic clashes in the past more than two decades, claimed the lives of 10-s of thousands of people and redrew the boundaries of intra beyond recognition.

The first wave of the Yugoslav split was accomplished in the early 90's, when the map of Europe instead of Yugoslavia appeared countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and so called third Yugoslavia as part of Serbia and Montenegro. The political struggle against external intervention of some Western countries that did not end. Territorial prepyadstviya appeared at first between Serbia and Montenegro, then in 2006 appeared on the map are independent of the country, and then the inside Serbia itself. Bloody secession of Kosovo, which to this day is not recognized by the official authorities of Serbia has shown that at the present time any territorial disputes can be solved by replacing the basic concepts and the intervention of external forces that solve than the rest besides their specific tasks.

It would seem that the Kosovo precedent with all of its cornerstones is to become the latest in a split in the Balkans, but judging by recent events in the region, it is not so far away. Back in 2008, began to grow a new embryo huge Balkan territorial contention when Boris Tadic, going up to the second time to the post of the Serbian president, has signed a contract with its support for the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina province. For obvious reasons, no matter what kind of support now reclaims some reciprocal course tomorrow. And indeed claimed the League return "payback" from Boris Tadic. At the end of last year, one of the Serb Democratic Dragan Veselinov published a manifesto entitled "The Republic of Vojvodina". According to the main theses of this manifesto, Serbia should soon be reincarnated as a Federation with a broad autonomy for the province of Vojvodina. The ending of the manifest sovereign Vesselinov looks quite funny to Belgrade. He (Veselinov) states that Vojvodina — this is not Serbia, Belgrade and this must be considered.

After these words hunt to remember the beginning of the process of demarcation between Serbia and Montenegro. Then the official Podgorica also started with the fact that Montenegro was to get the status of the Federation, and in a short duration after which time it was announced that its full and unquestioned independence on the basis of a referendum (for office then spoke a little more than 55% of Montenegrins). It turns out that certain forces, following the same principle, is now trying to separate from Serbia to the same Vojvodina.

Boris Tadic his colleagues in the coalition, which led him to the presidency Serbia in the second time, presented a surprise in the form of a document on the allotment of Vojvodina "semi-independent status" — that status when Vojvodina becomes the subject of the Federation on a par with the rest of Serbia. Boris Tadic, the Coalition has given its own debt without becoming preventing acquisition of such a highly controversial document null and void. Now edge Vojvodina is endowed with a greater capacity while still in the "big" in Serbia.

Authorities in the Region may, without the help of others (without the consent of Belgrade) to make requests and receive international loans for which will have to pay all the Serbian taxpayers Vojvodina authorities announced that no decision on the territory of Belgrade can now automatically go into effect without a referendum in Vojvodina . The situation, as has been said, it is very similar to the case of Montenegro, but here and there are significant differences. And these differences lie in the fact that the terrain Province of Vojvodina, in the administrative center of Novi Garden is home to over 65% of ethnic Serbs, which include most of the activists of the Coalition, advocating federalism Serbia. That still leaves Serbs want to gain autonomy from Serbia — Novi Sad from Belgrade? Strannovataya trend that the world is not that quite a few direct parallels. If we talk about nedavneshney stories, the same situation was in Germany when the external force divided government on the part of the capitalist and socialist. It turns out that modern samples to build a barrier between Novi Sad and Belgrade Garden came to mind obviously not by the residents of the region Vojvodina, and were born entirely in the minds of others who can not come to terms with the idea of existence on the planet such as the country of Serbia.

In this regard, recall, as only recently about the crushing Serbia expressed political scientist and historian Natalia Narochnitskaya. She claimed that as Belgrade in the face of Tadic will attempt to move closer to the West, the latter showed him the new territorial demands. These requirements will be nominated endlessly, representing a carrot tied on a string in front of a well-known animal, that animal is moving in the right direction.

And, indeed, had only to control Serbia's ability to enter into an agreement of cooperation with the Kosovo authorities, as for myself very openly Vojvodina authorities said. It turns out that the vector taken Boris Tadic on rapprochement with the European Union before the entry into this most EU can bring only, sorry, "stub" of Serbia. But the sad thing is that Boris Tadic, it seems, such a prospect niskolechko not shocking. Hungarian lobby, and on the ground of ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina is home to about 15%, with the active support of Budapest right now all the forces trying to separate Vojvodina from Serbia, not much caring that the province still countless more specifically a Serbian ethnicity. And Serbian the president does not see in trying to separate Vojvodina anything extraordinary. Not a lot of Hungary tries with the status of Vojvodina blackmail official Belgrade, stating that if no progress in hand federalitsii Serbia will be attempted, it will close the route Budapest to that country in the European Union. This again says that Serbia is now trying to blackmail all and sundry. Albania is already headed for his own, now the baton intercepted Hungary.

Now it's safe to talk about the fact that political blackmail intensively sponsored the West. Only when all this is difficult to explain the position of the Serbs themselves, and at first, of course, the Serbian authorities. To co-operate with those who yesterday showered their country bombs, for the sake of illusory idea of European integration — the very little undignified. Virtually sell their own people in Serb enclaves of Kosovo in exchange for giving the West Serbia candidate status for membership in the EU. By all means break into the European Union, allowing chip-related historical relationship with
the Central Serbian lands. Neuzh something people really Serbia sees its future in it. If yes, then it's a choice which gives the unpleasant smell of fatality.

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