From the new Russian to new Cossacks

From the "new Russian" to "new Cossacks"At all times in our country have enough people who lusted after by the public organizations to solve their tasks. Completely missing and organizations that have tried to use people to achieve their goals.

When it comes about the Cossacks in the historical sense of the word, the first thing that comes to mind the common man, patriotism, life threatening, the system builds a centuries social and personal values. Anyone and would not come to believe that Cossack may embarrass your name, your own family, his homeland. Even in the immortal work of Gogol's Taras ruthless with their offspring, who withdrew from the strip of patriotism and Cossack statute.

But now we live in an era when almost every concept in the world can be explained twofold, and the words "courage", "honor" and "patriotism", many do not cause anything, except a mocking grin. What are the prerequisites such an unusual public degradation when even the sacred duty sometimes they say just from a consumer point of view?

So, after the collapse of a large country under the title Russian Alliance has become a trend for the revival of various organizations and movements, which at one time brought great benefits to the state. These movements, of course, can be attributed Cossacks. The nature of this ethno-social phenomena so far not clear. According to some sources, the Cossacks — is assimilated in Russia Circassian tribes, on the other — it's Turkic-Slavic branch leading to its origin from the time of the Mongol-Tatar invasion. It seems that there may be, but in this case the key is not the nature of the origin of the Cossacks, and the system of the moral framework and principles. According to these principles, a Cossack from birth could be considered a full-fledged defender of the Fatherland, which from an early age is willing to give his life for Russian land. No matter how pathetic it sounds now, but he was in fact.

Since the 90s of the 20th century, the Cossacks after long years of persecution beginning of what is called, proudly raise his head. With all of this began to revive the whole Cossack villages on the Don and Kuban, settlements in the Urals and the Far East. In truth, despite the Russian ban, many Cossacks lost its principles and have kept the main core of their culture. But in the wake of a large-scale revival of the Cossacks in Russia began to appear very strange organization, whose members, void sumnyashesya, put Cossack uniforms, hitched checkers and whips, famously wrung their hats — especially the fact of showing their belonging to the Cossacks. For no to it in Russian towns began to appear whole Cossack community is made up of former employees of the city committees, then transferred to the police chiefs in store, and of other people, of which none of the Cossack roots and do not think out earlier. With all this people, wearing a Order of unknown origin at his chest, trying to be parliamentary seats in the local legislative assemblies. On the eve of the next elections in the middle of the candidates are increasingly began to appear familiar faces that be the focus in a completely brand new for the people of the form — Cossack chieftains, captains and other officials. People, of course, murmured, and did not understand where it came from the former manager of the local Komsomol organization was suddenly the title of Cossack Army officers, which translated into everyday system mean rank of lieutenant colonel. Indeed, neuzh something rereading at the time the works of Marx and Lenin, this man immediately moved in two career ladders: the party and the Cossack. Surprisingly, but it turns out, in our country this could be. Even more surprisingly, and who when he was in power, Comrade Brezhnev or Andropov increased the YCL in the Cossack hierarchy — neuzh-it did the representatives of the party nomenklatura? .. After such have ceased to believe in something that is not honest elections in our country, and in the ideological steadfastness Cossack troops. Well, how to conduct themselves even in the case of such colossal metamorphosis taking place with the person.

From the "new Russian" to "new Cossacks"Further — more! These people feel that if they give out themselves for the real Cossacks, they can be assigned special preferences. This excavation sites are often very high-end, and the "closeness" to the Russian Orthodox Church, which also has a good income in their coffers thanks to donations from compassionate old ladies who managed to sin and entrepreneurs. In general, it appears that in the current status of the Russian Federation Cossack — it's also an opportunity to make good money.

In this regard, on the ground of the 1st Fri of the Community could appear immediately several Cossack units, each of which relates to an individual so referred to as the army. So in only one north-eastern part of the Voronezh region Cossacks had "split" into two irreconcilable camps. With all of this some have decided that from now on they will apply to the Great Don Army (WSC), and others — to the troops Khoperskoe (BX). If it were not for the local authorities, who have had to put out the conflict between urban residents, who suddenly found themselves on different sides of the fence, then the Voronezh would have already walked the truest Cossack fights. And where do all the fuss? Can be regarded as a prerequisite for docking section of the Cossack identity that has only recently been popular. It turned out that the former party bureaucrats divided the land and now began to find out things are not too far in the Cossack style. Perhaps the story of the Cossacks did not know the option when the hearings about the mutual claims are an inherent part of the Voronezh Cossacks.

So much so, that the townspeople were just openly laugh at the clowns in the form of the Cossacks of the Don and Khoperskoe. Local newspapers are increasingly began to appear notes that many of the latter-day Cossacks just tarnished the honor and dignity of such a large-scale movement as Cossacks.

But representatives of the Voronezh Cossack communities have gone even further. They decided or "postebatsya" over its citizens, consciously or bring them to a "white hot." The fact is that one of the Cossack "circles" in the form of a Don Cossack was seen active participant in the neo-Nazi movement. Society has boiled with indignation. In the ranks of the Cossacks was a man, which after the "labor" Cossack day or wears leather jacket with Nazi symbols and walking around the town in a similar environment for themselves in order to determine the latest victim. What is this? Increasing the number of Cossack communities or complete degradation of the movement? People whose grandparents and great-grandparents in Russian majestically shed blood for the preservation of the integrity of the country, taking in the numbers of fascist thugs! If it is not nonsense, then what did? Surprisingly, that in this "circle" and was attended by representatives of the Orthodox Church. Did they know about who sits next to the chair. Absolutely!

Neuzh then though
t about the money so littered our heads that they did not have any moral basis for future life. Quite unclear how these people are going to explain this kind of steps. Neuzh it amounts to what will be found historical connection between fascism and the Cossacks. Let us hope that at some point in the mind of these people still prevail over the blatant stupidity. And if not, then you must simply filthy broom to disperse all this nepotrebschinu. And the earlier the better!

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