From the Smile will brighten all … RPMK-1 Smile

In East military environment are tested automatic radio complex RPMK-1 (1B44), which is a new and modern form of special equipment to determine various characteristics of the atmosphere without probes or using them. Complex operates in real time.

RPMK-1 "Smile" — the new mobile radiopelengatsionny complex meteorological purpose, which makes sensing humidity, wind and temperature probe for the transmission of data acquired anti-aircraft systems and field artillery, multiple-launch rocket fire, tactical missile complexes, units, NBC and airborne forces. Designed and created in the bureau "Peleng" Ural company engaged in the creation of "Vector". At present, he is a modern complex of military units to ensure the necessary meteorological data. Complex "Smile" uses adaptive data processing and management. It implements elements of artificial intelligence.

From the "Smile" will brighten all ...  RPMK-1 "Smile"

Using different types of sensing complex working height of 40 km and 200 km distance. The team set out 5 people will be able to bring it into the firing position for 600 seconds. The complex can be operated at temperatures from +40 to -40 degrees, with relative humidity of 98 degrees and an altitude of up to 3 thousand kilometers.

The system comprises:
— Main machine with equipment, made on the chassis "Ural-43203";
— machine with power, made on the basis of the chassis "Ural-43203";
— trailer to transport the bottles, one based on the chassis of "1-P-2.5";

The main modes of operation:
— Mode-finding. Probes used "MCE-5", used the weekend papers: "METEO-11/44" and "layer";
mode radar. Used probes "MRZ-3/4" output documents: "STORM", "LAYER", "KH-4" and "surface layer"

The main features:
height "Meteo" sounding 30 km;
— height of the "KH" sounding 40 km;
— range "Meteo" sounding 150 km;
— range "KH" sounding 200 km;
— command complex — 5 persons;
— the transition from traveling to combat — 600 seconds;
— MTBF — 210 hours;
— type of stealth operations — a mode-finding;
— applicable fuel — diesel.

PS It would seem that the methods used were "old-fashioned", but we should not forget about the accuracy, speed, and the final price of the complex. What is clear is that the binding to the natural landmarks in the area, will provide the best accuracy than zabugornye counterparts with the introduction of satellites and modern electronics. In the complex tried to combine all the best (An old and new) in this area.

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