From tornadoes in Bangladesh killed 20 people

March 23, 2013. Powerful tornado, which struck on Friday night at the East District Brahmanbariya Bangladesh, killed more than 20 people. According to various estimates, from 100 to 500 man affected, reports news agency Press Trust of India.

"Number death toll has risen to 20 people. Among them are women and children, — said the representative of the local authorities Noor Mohammad, adding that the ongoing search and rescue operations. — More about 100 people have been affected: they are hospitalized. "

Brunt of the disaster fell on villages in the area. Tornado overturned vehicles, including trucks, as well as trees, power transmission towers. Hit several houses.

Common number victims, by some accounts, is about 500 man. Not all of them turn to doctors, making it difficult to accurately count.


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