Frost on the palms




Nine-year-old Darcy Samrani of the Iranian city of Zahedan much puzzled their loved ones, relatives and neighbors. The case was a hot June day. My mother and father decided to see what makes their son. He was sitting on his haunches, stretching out his hand, and on the frozen ground lay motionless insects. The palms of her son were covered with frost. In this case, Darcy assured everyone that he does not feel the cold.

In the house came Samrani scientists from the University of Tehran. The boy asked again to freeze anything. Darcy tried to do it, but it did not work. However, he complained of a severe headache and some currents in the spine. This mysterious case, according to the British magazine "Middle East", and have not found an explanation.

"Interesting Newspaper"
Number 2 (65) Block D

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