Frying interested in Peterhof




Head of TV studio "Guests from the Future" took off in the skies over Peterhof an unidentified flying object. He looks like a glowing pan. Ufologists claim that it was a UFO. Scientists, astronomers believe that talking about aliens early.

Pupils Old Peterhof, the dream of a great career in television — in anticipation of luck. In a small town near St. Petersburg finally came sensation. The main plot of the week — about aliens from outer space — is preparing to air children's studio with the telling name "Guests of the future."

Unique shots here brought studio chief Andrei Titov. A former professional soldier for some time now spends all his free time at the window. A month ago, the first time he saw a bright point in the sky that maketh strange pas: it will freeze in place, then rapidly moves forward, it will disappear without a trace. And so every cloudless night. "What is it? Probe Why shines?" — Asks the head of the TV studio "Visitors from the future."

For thirty days of observation — three cassettes thirty minutes. Glowing something that appears above the Konstantinovsky Palace, then over Kronstadt, then over the Gulf of Finland. Home video does not allow to consider the phenomenon in detail. Yet the main ufologist Petersburg has no doubt that this is a real LOIM — a flying object from another world.

"Look, what a colossal form, behold, in such cases say about the inverted pan. People try to give a performance, using everyday terms. These can be two stacked plates. This can be inverted bowl. In this case — a frying pan," — says the Chairman of the study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society Eugene Litvinov.

Echoes of the turmoil in the suburbs of St. Petersburg came to the Institute of Applied Astronomy. There are an anomalous phenomenon with scientific skepticism as to all claims of extraterrestrial origin of what he saw in the sky. "In September 1977, thousands of people have seen over Petrozavodsk very similar phenomenon. It was a bad satellite launch," — says the director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Finkelstein.

After the "Karelian miracle" Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Defence together 13 years examined the celestial anomaly. This worked all military training areas of the country. Three thousand of evidence on UFOs were the result of technological activity of earthlings. Scientists, who proved the existence of hundreds of galaxies, the silence of space is especially insulting.

Celestial anomaly — it is, in fact, a matter of faith. One would like to think about the divine origin of the phenomena, the other — the extraterrestrial, and still others benefit from it quite tangible benefit. U.S. intelligence agencies, for example, the activity of UFO encouraged. With their help, the easiest way to figure out where in the world are tested the most advanced military hardware. Yet the official response to the question of what happens in the skies over Peterhof, no.


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