Galich lake suddenly melted


23.11.12.Zhiteli Galic (Kostroma region) is not expected in late November, the famous lake melts, and small streams come out of its banks. As the correspondent of the portal K1NEWS.RU, melted snow and melt water flooded basements of many homes. Anglers who two weeks ago already hard for winter fishing on the ice, now with surprise looks at the melted pool.

"The last time the houses were flooded in autumn about 20 years ago. But this year were such flooded areas, to which the water does not reach even the spring flood. The residents were not prepared for such weather anomalies. Banks with winter blooms and vegetable stocks, which were stored in the basement, have suffered "- told the local residents.

It should be noted that the City quickly pumping water coming from the river and from the melted snow. Now Galicia remained stable zero temperature +4 … +8 degrees Celsius.

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