Georgia again felt tremors from the earthquake in Japan


14.03.11.Gruzinskie seismologists again feel the echoes of aftershocks of the earthquake in Japan. This is reported by the "News-Georgia" with reference to the Institute for the Study of land at Tbilisi University Elijah. Wave of aftershocks in Japan continue to come back to Georgia, they note.

"Seismological equipment Georgia again captures the ongoing flow of the waves of aftershocks in Japan, although less frequent than in the early days," — said the representative of the Institute. According to experts, "echoes earthquake waves from Japan to Georgia will be up in a few months."

As we have previously reported that the Georgian seismologists first tremors of the earthquake in Japan mistaken for minor earthquake in Georgia.

9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan on March 11, it caused a tsunami ten meters. The epicenter was located 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, his focus lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. Soon, in the same area several more powerful aftershocks above magnitude 6.0.

According to the latest data, the number of dead and missing in the devastating earthquake exceeded 5000 people, this number is constantly growing.


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