Germany — dark winter time

March 1, 2013. Winter in Germany this year stood out particularly difficult. It is not a frost or winds.

Climate change, though there are, but people do not act so much as an unusually small number sunny days.

All life on earth depends on solar energy. This winter, the Germans had not received it more, than ever. Most of hopeless days and tightened with heavy clouds of heaven suffers psyche.

According to the results of meteorological research, the past winter was the German darkest past forty-three years. During the winter months the sun peeped a hundred hours, or sixty hours less than the average level of sunlight retentive here. Thus, a new record — a minimum of sunlight.

In December number sunshine hours was below normal by 10%, and in February — 70%.

In addition, forecasters claim — despite the fact that the calendar spring has come, the European winter so quickly recede. There are still a few weeks with lower temperatures, high humidity, snowfall and icy conditions. And, of course, with the cloudy, overcast low clouds.

Psychologists say that this winter turned to them for help much more people than usual. Because of the minimal number of sunny days, many people in Germany have developed depression. The fact is that sunny light stimulates the production of serotonin in the body, responsible for mood. Since this winter has been very little light, then the majority of German citizens often feel inadequate — lethargy, drowsiness, depression. Psychologists claim that the need to look for methods to cheer as their own — do exercises, drink fresh juices, especially citrus fruits, walking in nature.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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