Germany was covered with hail in India flood. Video


13.09.11.V Germany comes after a natural disaster. Heavy rain, hail the size of a hen's egg, and almost at the same time a tornado hit the eastern regions of the country. Wind tore trees with roots and endured tiles from the roofs of houses.

Heavy rain did not stop for almost a day. Completely flooded roads and highways. Some drivers rescuers had to be evacuated by inflatable boats. Hail struck the walls of buildings and crumpled cars parked on the street. As a result, one person was killed and several with various injuries were taken to hospital. Now rescuers working in emergency mode. Eliminate the effects of the weather.

In the east of India because severe flooding killed 16 people. About a hundred thousand were left homeless. Water flooded much of the east. Many villages were cut off from the outside world. Food, water and clothes to victims rescuers brought in helicopters. Endangered much of the crop. Rainfall in the region has been underway for almost a month. But the latest weather forecasts optimistic: rain here now must end.

Source: Channel Five

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