Ghost Train




"New Review", 27.02.2002, Omsk, n8, p.26

Author: Terence Mihnuha

A terrible discovery had expected the company pickers near the village Balakovki Vologda region. September 15, four mushroom found on the railway leading to the abandoned peat extraction, torn to shreds body of a man. Several meters have sleepers in the blood. The impact was so strong that the deceased's body disintegrated into fragments. Two women fainted at the sight of a corpse.

Several hours later, a criminal investigation into the death of an unknown man under the train. Investigators were shocked: * it turned out that this abandoned rail line last train passed twenty years ago *, and since then it has never been used. Rusty rails and sleepers were overgrown with saplings best proof of this. The reason for the death of a man is not set up yet, but one thing is clear: there is no other force than moving with great speed trains could so injure the deceased. What does it kill? The answer to question no.

And another mysterious fact that was almost overlooked the Russian press. June 14, 2001 died minister of railways of Turkmenistan Hamurat Berdyyev. And how! Right in Ashgabat, next to the locomotive depot, and even at the time of inspection. Allegedly, the minister did not notice the approaching locomotive and killed under its wheels. It is rumored that still walk among Turkmen railway, locomotive engineer, asking the minister, saw the officer "was somehow a powerful blow knocked ways before being passed shunting." Of course, these vague statements were not added to the investigation conducted by the Attorney General's Office. As well as the fact that a shunting locomotive did not have any signs of a collision: no blood, no micro fabric with clothing. Nothing! However, the death Berdyeva just came from hitting the locomotive — the nature of damage is clearly pointed this out. That's just what the locomotive, if, in shunting, there's nothing more Pass?

These are only two real fact appointed unreal circumstances. In one case, a man was killed in a train, which could not be in this place. It is impossible to imagine a situation in which someone takes an unknown fragments of twenty kilometers from the existing railway. It is also hard to imagine a minister who suddenly "deaf-blind" and was hit by a rumbling train! But every year on the railways Russia killed thousands of people, and the death of many of them is associated with the same mysterious circumstances.

So come to light stories that railway men themselves do not like to talk out loud. Engineer with thirty years of experience, Vladimir Donskoy said that for the time that he drives a train on the Moscow area, it happened six tragedies. Three deaths defy explanation: that drunken teenagers pushed his friend, then "sucked" standing at the edge of the platform Woman. A three victims he would never forget.

— You know, like "sucks" on a train? If a man stands near the edge of the platform, the elastic wave of air pushes it to the side. A man rests on foot to keep his balance, and he pushes himself under a train. When the tide goes, he gets into a zone of rarefied air. "Sucks" is usually those who are at the beginning of the platform (where the composition is flying at a speed of more), and always under the second car. The laws of physics. And I have three "sucked" in front of his nose, before I arrived, you know? Here come to the station and see from a distance close to the edge of the platform is the girl. Signals. She takes a step back and suddenly falls under my wheels. Everything happens as if some force pushed her under me! And I can see that no one near and that she did not want it.

Then again it is twice in different years. And each time the materials of criminal cases wrote the same — suicide. I'm all investigators swore, when I came to the victims' families and told them that there was no suicide. Mystic. I've been thinking and talking with other machinists. All agree that * sometimes in front of the composition of some seventy meters there an invisible wave. * Such a force, if there in front of you is another locomotive, a ghost or something. So he sucks people …

Two years ago at Novgorod there was a strange case. Freight train had to go at slow speed — strangely lit semaphores, although managers were given "green light." Due to the low speed, the driver managed to brake and when he saw an obstacle on the way — dead people, a man and a woman. Locomotive stopped three feet from the cut in half of corpses.

Since the other "candidates" were not available, then hung up on this incident is the freight train. Like, driver first moved people, and then filed a composition ago. This incredible version was only because all the trains on this stretch of the past, going at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. And if people were killed under the wheels of any other year, that would be collected body parts along the tracks at the site of a hundred meters. And then slow-moving structure, carefully cut the halves bodies. And the driver with an assistant who swear that drove up to the already dead.

Who would believe them?
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