Global warming causes severe snowstorms

March 2, 2013. Some scholars argue that the reason meager snowfall and lack of snow on the ski slopes in some areas of the U.S. — a global thaw. They insist that the blame for February's strong storms that drowned the north-east of the country in a half-meter drifts, also lies on global warming.

The solution to this paradox lies in the physics of atmospheric phenomena. A warmer atmosphere is capable of holding and, therefore, drop to the ground, more moisture. And when the temperature drops low enough for the formation of a snow storm, the warmer the air often carries a more moisture, which leads to the emergence of strong blizzards, writes "The Washington Post".

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According to a number of major climate scientists over the past half a century of extreme snow storms in the U.S. have doubled more, than in the previous 60 years. In addition, according to the National Information Centre in the field of climate change, on the north-eastern U.S. fall out more winter precipitation — rain and snow.

At the same time, according to the Global Snow Lab, for the past 45 years the spring snow cover in the northern hemisphere was reduced by an average of one million square miles. The authors of the study, to be published in the "Journal of Climatic 'claim that the end of the XXI century, the annual amount of snowfall in some regions of the U.S. will decrease by 30-70%.

Source: News Gismeteo

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