Global Warming: destroyed the first state




Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is almost completely gone under water. On the eve of the ocean flooded the whole nine atolls, with a population of 11 thousand tuvaluanskih citizens.

The unprecedented surge of global warming, scientists say. It will continue for two more days, and who knows what will be left of the microstate of when to begin the ebb — now under water are residential, government buildings and even the airport. The Prime Minister said the diminutive state publicly that the rampant disaster to blame people, including residents of the state he managed.

Fortunately, tuvaluantsy wait too long to leave the flooded island. Part of the citizens of the state, covering an area of only 27 square meters. km, moved to New Zealand, and some — in a neighboring dwarf Niue. Most of these people will most likely not return to their homeland, but as a state of Tuvalu will not cease to exist, argue politics.

Friday, 20.02.2004, 21:17

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