Gravity is regionovski




Flying objects and burning light bulb without wires. This was made possible thanks to the experiments of Thomas Brown and Nikola Tesla. The discoveries of these scientists formed the basis of modern electronics. Some of them explain the mysteries of the UFO.

Today, the great physicists of experiments repeats the head of technical department of inspection and STRC "Tyumen Region." Anatoly Mikheev. He works as a technician for more than 30 years, and experiments — his passion.

Flying triangle. At first glance, there is an anomaly with the gravitational field of the earth. In fact, there is in effect Biefeld-Brown. The subject raised by electrostatic discharge.

Finally Biefeld-Brown effect has not been studied. However, the invention of the scientist can be useful in operating — produced air ions can destroy disease-causing bacteria. According to experts, the effect of a great future in the space industry.

According to Anatoly Mikheev, Brown stepped to the edge, which still has not moved. And the information about flying objects can be based on the effects of Biefeld-Brown.

With the high voltage when properly handled, can be executed and other "tricks" — light bulbs, including burned, without wires. In this case, use an ordinary generator, which is in every TV. Similar experiments were conducted famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla.


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