Guaranteed retribution: how the Russian system «Perimeter»

Guaranteed retribution: how the Russian system
Major deterrent WWIII is the presence of the RF system, allowing a retaliatory nuclear strike even complete destruction of command and communication lines Fri SRF. It is called «Perimeter», in the U.S. it dubbed «Dead hand». «Perimeter» designed for automatic control of a massive nuclear attack and the other is the command system of nuclear forces. The main control system is referred to as strategic missiles «Kazbek» — It is known for its complex subscriber «Tcheget» or «nuclear briefcase».
Our train
Develop a system of guaranteed retaliation began in the midst of «cool war» when it became clear that the cultivators in continuous electronic warfare in the near future will be able to block the regular channels of the management of strategic nuclear forces. Useful alternate method of communication, guaranteeing to bring teams launchers.

Had the idea to use as a coherent team rocket curb massive radio devices. One Flew Over the Russian Union such a missile would transfer start command missiles not only in compounds RVSN command centers, and specifically on the launchers. August 30, 1974 closed by government decree of the USSR № 695-227 was assigned to develop a system of «Southern» Dnepropetrovsk involved in the creation of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

For the base of the product took UR-100UTTH (systematize NATO Spanker, trotter). The head of a special transmitter designed in the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, and made her Orenburg NGO «Boom». For aiming missiles at azimuth used one hundred percent autonomous system with automatic gyro and quantum optical gyro. It can calculate the direction of flight in the process of setting missiles on alert and keep it even in the case of nuclear effects on the launcher.

Flight tests began in 1979, the first launch of the transmitter has been successfully performed on December 26. Tests confirmed the successful interaction of all components of the system «Perimeter» also the possibility warhead missiles in supporting a given command line movement — its tip is at the height of 4000 meters at a distance of 4500 km.

In November 1984, launched under the command of Polotsk rocket handed command silo launcher of ICBMs RS-20 (SS-18 Satan) at Baikonur. «Satan» started and after working at all levels was observed entering the head of the square at the Kura range on the Kamchatka. In January 1985, «Perimeter» stood on alert. Since then, the system has not been modified many times, at the moment as the team used modern ICBM missiles.

Get up, a big country

The system is command ballistic missiles. They do not fly at the enemy, and over Russia, and instead of thermonuclear warheads in their head parts are transmitters, which send a command to start all available combat missiles: in mines, aircraft, submarines and mobile ground complexes. Those equipped receivers and start commands. Fully Automated System, human factor in its work is excluded or small.

The decision to launch missiles team perceives autonomous control and command system — complicated software system based on artificial intelligence. It receives and analyzes a huge number of different disk imaging: seismic activity and radiation, atmospheric pressure, the intensity of the military radio frequencies, keeps under control with telemetry monitoring stations SRF and data system of missile warning.

Finding, for example, multiple point sources of massive ionizing radiation and electrical and comparing them with data on seismic disturbances in the same coordinates, the system concludes that a massive nuclear strike. In this case, «perimeter» initiates retaliate even bypassing «Kazbek».

Another option — received from EWS disk imaging on missile launches from the territory of other states, takes control of the country «Perimeter» in battle mode. If after a certain time does not follow the trip command, the system will launch missiles. This solution eliminates the human factor and ensure a retaliatory strike even complete destruction of command and starting calculations.
Four «if»
According to the 1st of the developers of «Perimeter» Vladimir Yarynich, he does not know a reliable method to bring the system out of action. Control and command system, its sensors and missiles are designed to work in the criteria of a nuclear attack.

In peacetime, «Perimeter» is in moderate condition — we can say, «sleep» — Without ceasing, in general, consider the incoming information. Translated into battle mode or receiving a signal disturbance from EWS, SRF and other systems run network monitoring sensors to detect signs of nuclear explosions.

Before starting the method of retaliation «Perimeter» 4 inspects the presence criterion. In 1-x, if a nuclear attack came. Then it checks for communication with the General Staff — if the relationship is, the system shuts down. If the General Staff does not respond, «Perimeter» asks «Kazbek». If there are silent and artificial intelligence conveys the right decision even though what a person in the command bunker. And only then begins to act.

NATO is creating a system of a nuclear attack, without the command of a man dubbed immoral. Meanwhile, there is a similar complex and the United States.

Anton Valagin

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