Hail destroyed crops in the villages of Bulgaria


18.07.11.V Sunday afternoon hail for 30 minutes destroyed the crops in the area near Plovdiv and Asenovgrad. The value of large-sized hailstones reached walnut-passes Dnes.bg

"Killed 100% of the crop" — complained a resident of the village of Gorno Plovdiv Woden Boris Afkov., — "All hail destroyed! I do not know how to live … ". I retired social pension of 115 leva (2300 rub.) Per month, and it only survives on subsistence farming. The victim harvest puts the old man on the brink of survival.

In many homes, hail shattered glass windows.

Valya Delev, who works in the local administration, explained that on Sunday on the stormy clouds were released several special missiles to prevent a natural disaster. But, apparently, shot with a delay, and a storm of hail a tour of areas, causing irreparable damage.

Villagers are asking for help from the state, since neither their property nor the harvest were not insured in case of a natural disaster, and now most people do not know what to do and how to feed themselves and their families?


Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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